SAPSAP just announced the general availability of the latest release of the SAP Business One® application, designed exclusively for small and midsize businesses that want to fully integrate their activities and grow.

Available for deployment on premises or in the cloud and powered by the SAP HANA® platform, the new release includes enhanced business processes and simplified user-interface configurability, all while improving ease of use and reducing total cost of ownership.

According to SAP, customers will benefit from:

  • New and enhanced business processes: The production module includes support for resources, providing better visibility into and control over resource capacity for a leaner production. Resource costs can be factored into overall product costs. Users can value inventory based on its serial or batch number offering, with the ability to determine profit margin calculations for a specific number or batch.
  • Support for multiple branches or business units: Companies can benefit from sharing relevant data across multiple diversified business units for increased transparency in reporting. For example, a retailer with multiple business units can share customer data between these units for a better customer experience.
  • Ease of use: The updated user-interface configuration makes it easy to customize screens by adding, relocating or hiding fields without administrative support. When powered by SAP HANA, the SAP Business One application includes role-based work centers for finance, sales, purchasing and inventory. These work centers leverage HTML5 and are highly flexible, enabling users to view the information that matters most in their day-to-day work and adjust as needed using a widget gallery.
  • Streamlined implementation and updates: Pre-set default values and simpler data upload can help to speed up implementation cycles. Along with integrated lifecycle management, it allows companies to spend less time and money on installation, updates and support.

So far, more than 45,000 small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are running their businesses on SAP Business One, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions at any time and from anywhere, and managing critical business processes, such as sales, finance, accounting and inventory easily. Hence, this new release helps customers to further manage every aspect of their operations in real time and centralize many critical processes.

Besides, thanks to SAP’s CRM marketing software, it is indeed easy to target an audience accurately and deliver personalized and relevant messages, as SAP’s portfolio comprises:

  • Marketing and Resource Brand Management: It enables to align all your marketing activities and resources around strategic goals, while optimizing resources like budgets, people, time, and assets.
  • Segment and List Management: It facilitates to discover and target high volumes of customer data at unparalleled speeds with an interactive drag-and-drop interface displaying valuable customer insights. 
  • Multichannel Campaign Management: It allows to engage audiences seamlessly across all channels: Web sites, e-mail, social media, and point of service, with relevant messages that deliver great experiences. 
  • Customer Loyalty Management: It allows to build customer loyalty through multichannel loyalty points and reward programs that provide relevant rewards for profitable customer behavior. 
  • Lead Management: It makes the best decisions throughout the lead management process – ensuring high-quality leads are generated and processed with minimal manual efforts. 
  • Marketing Analytics: It harvests insights from big data, discovers key customer insights, and targets audiences to create more relevant offers.

By MediaBUZZ