dozenWhen creating response-strong email campaigns, it is important to consider a few things, because there is more to it today than clean address data and a correct subject line:

Address data

An email campaign stands and falls with the choice of the address data. This means that a well-maintained database is as important as acquiring additional addresses for sending stand-alone email campaigns.

Subject line

The choice of the subject line determines how many recipients open an email, so take your time and chose it wisely. Subject line tests show that enormous differences in the opening rates can be achieved, while keeping the content itself unchanged.


Reward interactions. Whether sales or registering for a newsletter, always offer an incentive. This can be, for example, an instant discount on clearance sales or a voucher after a newsletter registration.

Call to action

Tell the customer exactly what you want from him! If you want newsletter subscribers, for instance, then tell your customers where to go to register. In all modesty, there should not be by any means a lack of a clear call-to-action in an email campaign.

Highly visible buttons

Once the interest is awakened, the reader must be able to clearly see where he can react. So again, no false modesty! Add in highly visible and sufficiently large buttons. It would be a shame, if responses get lost because potential buyers don’t find the key buttons.

Little text

Express yourself clearly as readers in general do not want to go through a vast array of text to understand the contents of an email. Structure your email so that it is easy to get along. Too much text can have as a result that all questions are answered and this leads to the consequence that no more action is taken by the reader.

Responsive Design

Approximately 40% of all emails are looked at on a mobile device today. Therefore, it is important that the presentation on smartphones and tablets is as impeccable as on the desktop. Make sure that the advertising message is displayed prominently on all devices when programming your email templates.


Of course, target group selections cost money, but if you already know your audience, it increases the conversion of an email campaign, not to mention that you avoid wastage.

Social Media buttons

Give the reader the opportunity to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Co. to stay in touch with you – hence, include social media share buttons in your campaign, too. Even if readers are currently not interested in your offer, they might look at it later and share it on social networks, giving you valuable multiplier effects.

Special sign

Avoid special sign errors. An incorrectly encoded text and resulting misrepresentation of special characters are probably the most common faux pas in emails.

Uniform presentation of newsletter and landing page

When creating your newsletter, make sure that the design of your newsletter and landing page looks the same. The customer should not get the feeling that he ended up at the landing page of a completely different company. Regarding the design, follow your corporate design guidelines.

By Daniela La Marca