s4mThe fast-growing ad tech company, S4M (Success for Mobile), just announces a Cost-Per-Landing-Page (CPLP) buying model to help advertisers in APAC avoid waste in their media buying model and repurpose their mobile ad budgets.

The company’s innovative mobile-native technology platform revolutionizes end-user experiences for media agencies and advertisers transforms mobile ads into genuine personalized content for each individual user. Its expertise in programmatic and campaign management provides transparency from ad impressions to conversions in both mobile browsers and applications.

According to a S4M study on mobile metrics conducted earlier this year to evaluate the extent of ad fraud, there is no doubt that advertisers know that ten million ad requests rarely result in ten million ad impressions rendered on mobile devices. However, S4M emphasizes that this discrepancy is due to a variety of different reasons, which advertisers should be able to identify to avoid paying for invalid traffic and impressions that were never delivered.

S4M found in a sample of over 2.3 billion ad requests that this discrepancy alone is costing advertisers an upwards of 25% of their overall mobile ad spend. As a response, the CPLP is a buying model billing advertisers only for true engagements and user arrivals on a mobile landing page or app install page. Actually, the CPLP model guarantees a fully rendered ad impression followed by a validated click net of fraud and finally a true arrival on a fully loaded landing page.

“Today brands are evaluating their mobile campaign successes through buying models that only evaluate basic metrics, such as clicks and impressions. As an industry, we need to move beyond these and define success by measuring human engagements with industry certified metrics. This is why we are pioneering the Cost Per Landing Page (CPLP) buying model for our clients,” said Gavin Buxton, VP Sales APAC, S4M.  “So we can continue to deliver quality mobile performances and filter out fraud”, he concluded.

Mobile advertising in APAC is on a growth trajectory as the number of smartphone users shoots beyond 1 billion. Advertisers are growing their investment into digital as customer touch points move online. However, the region is fraught with fraudulent traffic. A single large-scale malware app install incident in APAC this year is expected to cost US$300,000 a month alone.

“Our goal is to provide advertisers with full visibility on where their budgets are really going and ensure true human engagements. Without filtering out ad fraud, brands are not getting a holistic understanding of real ROIs and realizing the mobile channel’s fullest potential. What we are seeing is the industry shifting towards certified technologies and a zero-tolerance attitude towards discrepancy”, Buxton added.

Since the CPLP model recognizes that fraud in the advertising industry cannot be completely eliminated, the goal is rather to safeguard advertiser’s ad budgets from paying for fraud. This unique buying model is based on MRC accredited metrics for both mobile browser and app environments.

For more information on CPLP, feel free to visit http://www.s4m.io/buying-model