webtrekk marketing suiteWebtrekk, a German analytics and marketing intelligence provider, announced the expansion of its international operations into the Asia Pacific region with the opening of a local representation in Singapore. The city state has emerged as a regional tech hub, putting Webtrekk at the center of a handful of rapidly growing markets.

“We are always looking for ways to take our success in Europe to other parts of the world,” said Webtrekk CEO Christian Sauer. “Our Asian representation enables us to tap into markets where analytics and digital intelligence will experience explosive growth in the coming years.”

Founded in 2004 in Berlin, his company offers state-of-the-art analytics integrated with intelligent marketing solutions that help digital marketers to create a personalized customer experience across all devices and marketing channels.
Webtrekk’s Suite is a powerful tool for companies at any stage of digital transformation, since it combines enterprise-level digital analytics and marketing automation solutions that enable marketers to merge user-centric data from numerous sources – website, app, CRM, social media and more.

But although analytics and marketing solutions are generally designed to increase efficiency, all too often they do the opposite, Webtrekk points out. “When you have one tool for analytics, another for user relationship management, another for automated marketing and yet another for A/B testing, you often waste a lot of time and money”, the expert explains.

That’s why multiple digital intelligence solutions are combined in Webtrekk’s Marketing Suite into a single, integrated marketing tool that allows to collect data, act on it and test changes on a user-by-user level without having to worry about compatibilities. Furthermore, the company’s Digital Intelligence Suite enables precise targeting and personalized campaigns that ensure a better experience for their customers and better marketing ROI.

Anyway, it all starts with in-depth analytics of everything that happens on your website and apps, before you can leverage this data to generate user profiles and segments, based on customer lifetime value, conversion probability or engagement, before you turn your data into personalized, automated marketing campaigns.

According to Raphael Dana, CEO of Galixo and Webtrekk’s representative for Asia in Singapore, Webtrekk has already established a presence in China. “Using the Singapore representation as our base, we will now take the next step and expand into Southeast Asia and beyond”, he said.

Webtrekk intends to continue setting benchmarks by creating the very best digital intelligence solutions for CMOs and digital marketers, including user-centric analytics with advanced dashboarding and marketing automation with programmatic advertising, testing, tag integration and more.

By Daniela La Marca