technology“The next mainstream computing platform may not be bots, AR, or VR, but rather voice-based computing”, Alexandre Linares, Founder of Alpine.AI believes and points out that it is estimated that there will be 24.5 million voice-first devices shipped this year, which will lead to a total device footprint of 33 million devices in circulation.

“With the growing popularity of voice-first devices like the Amazon Echo and 100M’s of Android phones voice-enabled, consumers will expect brands to deliver valuable answers and the right products conversationally through smart assistants”, Alpine states on its website. That’s why the company is 100% dedicated to combine voice and visual experiences to help navigate today’s connected world in the most natural way.

Alexandre Linares’ partner, Adam Marchick, CEO and co-founder of Alpine, published earlier this year the “Voice Search Trends” he sees coming. Since he introduced at the same time the Alpine.AI platform and the technology behind it - ‘Artificial Narrow Intelligence’ – he got my full attention.

Alpine’s unique technology has mainly one purpose, which is to voice-enable leading brands and retailers, get them into the game quickly, and provide awe-inspiring Voice and Voice+Visual consumer experiences.

The company’s areas of expertise include content ingestion, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) & natural language understanding (NLU), ontology creation and evolution, reinforcement learning, conversational intelligence, surface optimization and continuation optimization. It means in a nutshell, Alpine can utilize your existing content to voice-enable your brand efficiently and effectively.

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By MediaBUZZ