seoToday, an individual and personal customer approach is essential, hence, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) started to influence its success with targeted and locally controlled customer communication. With fine-tuned local search ads, every customer response gains in importance, with advertised products and services getting seasonally adjusted and the advertising intensity increased or reduced according to the customer’s need.

Meaningful use of Programmatic Search

Programmatic Search offers many advantages for companies with a large dealer network. For example, a certain amount per location for search engine marketing can automatically be distributed or re-allocated to individual search terms as needed - regarding influencing factors such as workload, product inventories and seasonal components. The event-driven advertising print achieves an optimal cost-benefit ratio of the advertising budget, as search engine ads are automatically booked, played out and can even get adapted quickly.

Consider seasonal, predictable events in site-specific SEA campaigns

Predictable events within inventories - for example, an increase or decrease in service demand or quantity of goods in the warehouse - are considered in site-specific SEA campaigns.

If, for example, a mail-order clothing retailer expects a high demand for winter jackets due to the start of winter, the advertising intensity of the goods in question may be increased in advance. The closer the anticipated event moves and the demand for the product increases, the less ads are needed.

The advertising intensity for this service is set high at the beginning of the spring and decreases as time progresses. Clearly, the demand for specific products and services is often seasonal and location specific. Responding to these factors also means that the provider understands the search behavior of the specific target group, so that potential customers can be approached at exactly the right time.

Progressive advertising adjustments through direct interfaces

Interfaces between service calendar and the Google AdWords account allow e.g. workshop booking tools and warehousing systems to submit an up-to-date workload to the system and adjust advertising accordingly. As soon as it is foreseeable that the service calendar is getting filled, the advertising intensity for these services gets automatically reduced to avoid overburdening the workshop. All fluctuations can thus be programmatically promoted by search engine advertisements.

Especially in the strategic allocation of the advertising budget, the regional search engine marketing offers numerous advantages. By simply shifting the budget per location, the advertising impact of an action can be increased individually. A national campaign will be regionally extended in a very effective and precise way. In a nutshell, programmatic search optimally serves the targeted and direct customer approach, since it is precisely and cost-effectively steering advertising placements - individually geared towards companies and their target groups.

By Daniela La Marca