imagesAccording to Glenn Hower, Research Analyst for Parks Associates, the video services and delivery landscape has become incredibly complex, and concerns about piracy and password sharing is growing.

He revealed that 20% of the digital video service consumers aged 18-24 admit to using someone else’s credentials to use a service, and this trend has made TV operators nervous, highlighting that flexible content security solutions, that can adapt to nearly any delivery environment, will be key to protecting content while allowing delivery through different networks, services and devices.

That’s a good explanation why Irdeto already managed to secure and key over 16 million next-generation set-top boxes (STBs), in fact keyed over 25 different STB models, and has provisioned more than 22 million updates to deployed STBs in the field. To no surprise, shipments have doubled in the past year and their solution is now widely used. All these milestones just highlight the desire of operators to stay in control of their technology choices and to rapidly provision new services on deployed hardware.

Furthermore, Irdeto Keys & Credentials managed service integrates with third party workflows for the production, delivery or updating of decryption keys and other security assets, allowing operators the freedom to utilize the best solutions for their content delivery needs. The solution is fully integrated with the operator’s supply chain and enabling agreements are already in place with all major chip and set-top box manufacturers.

“Platform operators everywhere have a compelling need for speed and choice when selecting innovative products and functionalities. They are developing and rolling out new capabilities faster than ever before, and require that features be easily added to already-deployed products in the field,” stated Doug Lowther, CEO, Irdeto. “To manage that, operators require fast, responsive and flexible management of keys and security assets. Irdeto Keys & Credentials enables operators to innovate even faster, while having the freedom to choose solutions that best fit their business strategy.”

By entrusting Irdeto to manage and provision all security keys within the STB on their behalf, cable operators have not only removed a heavy burden of complexity and cost, but for the first time, they now also have complete control and independence in choosing security solutions and in adding new services to deployed devices for the lifetime of the platform. This provides unmatched agility for whatever the future might hold, and significantly reduces time-to-market for launching new services.

By MediaBUZZ