startup photosThe three most important performance figures for a website are the number of visitors, the time spent on the site, and the conversion. User-friendliness, engaging content, customer service and technical functionality hide behind these numbers.

When used for marketing purposes, the contribution and achievements of videos are obvious:

  • Videos drive traffic to the website: Shared more often than any other content, videos help to drive traffic to the website through social media and newsletters. Make sure that both the video and the video portal provide clear options and suggestions to visit your site.
  • Videos keep visitors on the website: Offer website visitors simple, quick, and relevant information or entertainment. Videos are a convenient format for doing so, since visitors spend more time on sites with video and videos can also be used as a tool for giving instructions.
  • Videos motivate visitors to buy: Visitors, who viewed a video about a product, opt more often for the purchase. In fact, a good video can also sometimes replace customer service (instructions) or even sales meetings (product presentations). A video can help that way to turn your website visitors into customers which explains as well why you should always use clear call-to-action: "Book Now" or "Request a Demo".

And since we spend more and more time online, the importance of the online branding is greater than ever – actually so important that it should be looked at separately. According to Google, for instance, 57% of purchasing processes actually take place already prior to the first personal customer contact - both in B2B and B2C.

Keeping up with the ever-changing digital business environment, however, doesn't seems to be as easy as it looks, since there are still enough brands showcasing a weak online visibility. The online experience is made up of many factors and the online presence needs to be comprehensive and convincing. Since the brand experience affects customer loyalty and the quality of experience, it has a direct impact on the sales figures.

To no surprise, video content is increasingly being used to provide information about companies. Businesses that appear in the video search results have a clear competitive advantage, because search engines favor videos and there are not yet too many companies that create and make use of videos. Besides, video content adds variety to your online presence, makes a change in the customer experience online and is simply extremely effective. Videos work particularly well in corporate communications, when they intend to strengthen a brand, since visual media can be used creatively - such as music and storytelling.

A video is one of the best media for evoking emotions in the digital world. For this reason, they are shared many times more often than any other marketing content. With video, you get more for your marketing budget.

Even PR can no longer live with it, as sending press releases to journalists and building relationships on events just isn't enough today: Press releases must be digitally available and be shared on social media. The PR agency or department, and in the best case the employees, should be presented online as experta, where networking takes nowadays primarilyplace.

Although it is known that press releases are most successful with pictures, videos, or graphs, it is strange that the majority of agencies is still sending them without any visual media. Companies that know how to use the facilities for their benefits, however, will stand out from the crowd.

By MediaBUZZ