verizonVerizon Media takes email marketing to the next level in Southeast Asia (SEA) with View Time Optimization (VTO), a new email optimization solution, powered by Verizon Media, that gives marketers the unique ability to deliver their brand and marketing emails to users when they are active in their inbox, placing these emails in one of the top spots of a user’s inbox.

It will be exclusively distributed by Validity, an industry-leading email solutions provider, as part of the global partnership that will make VTO accessible to marketers in SEA and beyond.

Since the pandemic, consumers have been spending more time online as they continue to work and stay at home. Browsing emails has been a part of the increased online consumption and marketers face the challenge to cut through the clutter to reach this vast, captive audience. VTO offers an opportunity for brands to stand out and be noticed when consumers are actively engaged.

Available on all Verizon Media’s mailboxes including Yahoo Mail, VTO is designed to increase engagement between brands and their customers by delivering brand and marketing emails to users when they are active and most likely to be engaged. This has been identified to be the exact moment when users first open their inbox, and for emails that appear in the top inbox positions.

“Optimizing timings to reach audiences as a practice has been based on past learnings and experience. Old rules may not apply anymore as consumer behavior and media consumption habits rapidly evolve through this pandemic. VTO, an industry-first feature, allows marketers to reach consumers more effectively, skipping the guesswork on optimal timings and ensuring that their emails are prominently visible in the inboxes of engaged users, catching their attention,” said Rico Chan, Co-Head APAC, Verizon Media.

VTO will ensure prime visibility in inboxes and improve the likelihood that emails are read. In a pilot of VTO in SEA, multinational technology company Lenovo utilized the email optimization solution to distribute its promotional newsletters which saw a 29% increase in open rates and a 67% increase in clickthrough rates.

“Reaching customers through effective channels that deliver maximum ROI is a priority for Lenovo as we adapt to new conditions. With Verizon Media’s new VTO product through Yahoo Mail, we ensured prime visibility in the inbox of our customers and there was no need for guesswork on the ideal delivery time for emails. We are seeing our customers actively engaged in the pilots of our campaign in Malaysia and Singapore. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Verizon Media,” shared Low Hok Meng, Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

“Based on the early successes with VTO in partnership with brands in SEA and globally, we look forward to empowering more brands as they seek to engage consumers meaningfully online in this challenging climate,” added Rico Chan, Co-Head APAC, Verizon Media.

Interested brands and partners in the region can now approach Verizon Media’s sales representatives for more information and access to the new VTO solution and skip the guesswork on optimal timings in their email marketing campaigns. (Source: Verizon Media)

By MediaBUZZ