When brands, like Gojek, allow their costumers and the broader public to participate, something big happens: a close emotional connection with the brand and deep loyalty for a personalized experience arise, as people become a partner of the brand vision and co-creator of a common idea.

Participation in brand creation means above all:

  • Customization and personalization of products and services
  • Testing and improvement of products and services by users (co-creation)
  • Providing support for other in brand communities
  • Social sharing and shared/community consumption

A participatory service design creates an experience infrastructure around the brand, which always connects all interactions with the customer, triggers relationships and identification with the brand. Such participations help companies, on the other hand, to continuously improve processes through learning from their clients. It goes without saying that this relationship cultivation and consumer participation is based above all on a digital attitude.

People-based marketing makes the difference

Digital transformation enables very precise, collaborative allocation of consumer needs and brand promises, and Gojek is just putting that to the test with its current campaign that celebrates Singapore’s 55th birthday. Gojek launched its very own Instagram filter Will Move for Food, augmented reality effects that users can layer on their actual photos and videos to enhance their content prior to posting, that is themed around food which is simply perfect for a country known for its diverse food culture. The filter, a cheerful polka dot frame animated with Singapore flag tattoo stickers, offers a dynamic, trendy, and engaging experience for Instagram users to connect with one another through food recommendations or daily food journaling. Furthermore, the filter features iconic, bite-sized elements of GoCar, Gojek’s four-wheel ride-hailing service, to remind users that Gojek provides a convenient, safe, and reliable mode of transport for commuters travelling to their favourite restaurants or exploring new food places. The pioneer of the integrated super app model in Southeast Asia manages to connect users to over two million registered driver-partners and 500,000 merchants in over 200 cities across five Southeast Asian countries.

Purpose-driven campaigns are the icing on the cake

Besides Gojek’s current Singapore campaign, the company launched its first international campaign that’s built on the theme of removing frictions and effectuate more ‘flow’ in people's lives.


In their media spot, a powerful visual metaphor of a city was created, representing everything customers can expect from Gojek. It’s a stylised world where cars, people, motorbikes and others can seamlessly co-exist and take all the chaos out of life. At the centre of it all is a grand spectacle where people, motorcycles and cars perform a coordinated stunt on an epic scale. All elements come together in a synchronized spectacle, forming a Gojek logo, which is a terrific idea to introduce a new brand, don’t you think? Or what’s better than making the campaign about the logo itself?

Jasper Distel, SVP and Group Head of International Marketing at Gojek, said: “As the Gojek brand expands into new markets, we wanted to create a unique campaign that would shape the narrative of what we stand for and will stand the test of time. Our film, titled ‘The Flow’ is dedicated to our customers, driver-partners, merchants and partners and affirms our commitment to create products and services enabled by technology to reduce everyday friction and obstacles in people’s daily lives.”

The Gojek app’s new international technology platform, enables the company to fulfill users’ changing needs and priorities by innovating and introducing new features and products more quickly and seamlessly across all countries in which it operates. This will result in an improved user experience, with a cleaner, simpler user interface and multiple feature upgrades. Users will also be able to access Gojek services across all markets where the app operates (Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and - in coming weeks - Thailand). (Source: Gojek)

By Daniela La Marca