1everyIt is said for years that in 2020 vision-driven, future-oriented plans would be experienced and new growth markets be conquered. We wanted to be ideally positioned this year, mastering the next decade in a leading position. But then everything turned out differently and nobody got spared when COVID-19 made its appearance worldwide. Companies in the digital business arena had a clear advantage compared to others, but it wasn’t easy for them either, since a digital business strategy and agile corporate culture alone are by no means a guarantee for relevant solutions that serve actual needs. But the following to-do list for crisis security is certainly useful for any company and brand and a crisis-proof source for successful transformation:

  • Service design: a purpose formulation should not only sound good but must answer in a few words why the company exists. Writing it down helps to manifest the essence and quickly deploys new employees as brand ambassadors.
  • Culture design: it is crucial that the purpose is anchored in the workforce as a behavior-guiding tool. To do this, it must of course be accepted as such and match the language of the corporate culture. In other words, every department, every employee must be able to understand the formulation.
  • Agile brand design: when the wording is translated into relevant solutions and anchored in the workforce, it is time for agile design and agile management of the brand. Branding must be understood as a never-ending process and will always be the intersection of corporate identity and the target group world. If you bring both together and establish brand management, the sustainable relevance and longevity of the brand is ensured. Impulses that advance the brand can come from every department of a company - and only must be listened to.

Whenever it is about change - and especially when change determines everything, as in this pandemic - it is worth taking a closer look at what does not change – what is permanent and immune. In the brand context. That is the essence of a company: it describes the reason for existence, the right to exist, the master plan. It is the source of change, innovation, and disruption, because it is independent of channels, products, and contact points - and therefore crisis-proofed. Every company has such an essence, found as a vision, mission, or purpose formulation. Purpose is trending for the same reasons right now, too. Even if you have just heard and read the word a little too much in the brand context, this trend is absolutely justified and should get most attention in the business world. Important is to know how to use it correctly as it otherwise remains only a useless marketing humbug.

By Daniela La Marca