5YotaYota Devices, developer of high tech consumer LTE devices, and Cellrox, a leader in multi-persona solutions for mobile devices, announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) a partnership agreement to provide Cellrox’s multi-persona technology on the dual-screen YotaPhone. With this technology, YotaPhone will provide functionality, privacy and security for both corporate and personal use.

“Cellrox’s multi-persona technology perfectly matches YotaPhone’s philosophy — that smartphones should provide us with easy and continuous access to information we need and want, whether we are at work, home or play,” said Vlad Martynov, CEO, Yota Devices.  “Thanks to Cellrox’s technology, YotaPhone will be the one perfect device for both your work and personal lives.”

Cellrox’s patented solution creates an impenetrable virtual wall between a phone’s personal applications and its corporate applications and data. This virtual wall allows users to share a single mobile device for both corporate and personal use without compromising security, performance or user experience.

“Cellrox and Yota Devices share many of the same business values and ideas about the role of technology in people’s lives. This partnership will demonstrate how one device can serve your private, corporate and other personas requirements while maintaining device-native behaviour and performance,” said Omer Eiferman, CEO, Cellrox.

But Yota Devices has more to celebrate in Barcelona, where their next generation YotaPhone topped the list of the best and most innovative gadgets and devices at the current Mobile World Congress, receiving praise from more than a dozen leading international business and technology publications.

The next generation YotaPhone includes full-touch control on the always-on display, bigger and better AMOLED and EPD displays, significant specification upgrades, and a thinner, sleeker and even more beautiful design.

“We are very appreciative that many tech writers attending MWC recognize the innovative and disruptive nature of the next generation YotaPhone,” said Yota Devices CEO Vlad Martynov. “By adding full-touch control to the always-on display, the next generation YotaPhone is even more interactive and intuitive. We have taken a great and totally new concept in smartphone and made it even better.”

By MediaBUZZ