4McafeethreatsBy sharing threat information across controls and directing preventative actions in real-time, McAfee is able to provide immediate protection against the threats posed by advanced targeted attacks across both network and endpoint controls.

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, is the first industry solution to orchestrate local and global threat intelligence information and enterprise-wide security products into one cohesive integrated security system, bringing a unique approach and capability in the elimination of the gap between encounter to containment of advanced targeted attacks.

Recent high profile data breaches highlight the challenge that organizations face in understanding and combating advanced targeted attacks. In many cases, the breach is not discovered for days or weeks after the initial compromise has occurred, and often far after proprietary and personally identifiable information has been extracted.

However, the ability to quickly spot and pre-empt advanced threats is now a business differentiator as companies seek to protect their intellectual property and assure customers that their data is safe and secure.

Delivering on the ‘security connected’ vision

McAfee Threat Intelligence is a significant evolution of the industry-first Security Connected Platform that was delivered by McAfee in 2011.

“We are very excited with the launch of McAfee’s Threat Intelligence Exchange, because this new product will ensure that organizational threat intelligence can be cross-referenced with global and local threat intelligence,” said Wahab Yusoff, Vice President of South Asia, McAfee.

Building on McAfee’s leadership experience across network, endpoint and data security, McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange allows organizations to orchestrate security controls to identify patterns, immunize assets against newly-identified malware, and prevent data exfiltration in real-time - optimizing security for each organization.

McAfee’s solution leverages a unique capability called SmartListing that allows broad security controls to extract and exchange contextual information from such examples as certificate information, reputation data, file characteristics and application behaviors within the environment. The resulting actionable intelligence allows the organization to accurately and instantly contain or allow any payload across the organization’s security controls. Thus for the first time, as threats appear, defenses instantly shield assets much more intelligently and without the limitations of signatures or cloud lookups.

Real-time data exchange messaging framework included

The McAfee data exchange layer provides real-time context sharing and orchestration, as well as the collective threat intelligence and adaptive threat prevention in McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange.  These industry-leading breakthroughs boost the protective performance of existing McAfee solutions from endpoint, network and analytics environments, and also deliver a standardized data framework by which partners, competitors, and other third party products will be able to orchestrate together in halting advanced threats.

“With complex threats attacking businesses every day, our customers need this adaptive threat prevention now,” said Mike Fey, worldwide chief technology officer for McAfee.  “We are making it easier to tie together intelligence and actions so that our customers’ existing products deliver greater protection while simultaneously finding ways to cut operational costs.  We are delivering the technology that others are just starting to think about to harden the platform upon which future security products will depend.”

New approach for more urgent needs

The McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange solution provides new approaches for answering increasingly urgent problems customers face as targeted attacks rise, providing the following features and benefits:

  • Replacing costly manual tasks with automated, real-time data exchange that allows security components to operate as one to share security intelligence in real-time across endpoint, network and other security components.
  • Bringing immediate visibility to the presence of advanced targeted attacks in the organization to answer the question “Am I exposed?”
  • Protecting, based on the most complete collective threat intelligence built out of global and third party intelligence data sources, combined with local threat intelligence and customized organizational knowledge.
  • Enabling endpoints to share contextual intelligence with each other to gain greater environmental threat context which improves accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Integrating simplicity, through McAfee’s data exchange layer, that reduces implementation and operational costs and enables unmatched operational effectiveness.

The combination of local threat data with global intelligence data sources, such as McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, offers truly comprehensive threat intelligence for businesses. The collective package provides unprecedented identification of targeted attacks and enables customized controls that protect automatically based on each organization’s unique risks and priorities. This degree of precision offers the most complete and immediate protection against determined criminals and actors behind the most damaging attacks.

The product is expected to be available in Q2 2014. For more information on McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange visit www.mcafee.com/TIE.

By MediaBUZZ