3Hackers have cracked approximately two million access data from Facebook, Twitter, Google and other accounts, using the so-called Pony botnet for the attack, a network of thousands of hijacked computers.

The owners of the mostly private computers usually don’t notice at all that their data is read out via key-logging software and forwarded to criminals. The solution for this could be password managers like RoboForm, KeyPass or OnePassword that aim to protect private internet accounts from hacker attacks: At the push of a button such software creates secure passwords of random combinations of letters and numbers that are stored encrypted on the computer. If the user accesses a website via the password manager, the log-in data is automatically entered, while the keyboard is barely used.

That way, RoboForm and similar programs not only cheat the key-loggers. Besides that, the user can even easily use their own access code for each Internet presence, so in case that an account gets cracked, just this specific password must be changed. All other data will still remain safe. So you may want to consider password managers, if you haven’t already done so.

By Daniela La Marca