digitalmarketingassocThe new Asia Pacific Digital Factbook 2015, provides statistics and trends about mobile, web, social media, eCommerce, video, advertising, search, apps and just about every aspect of this region’s online marketing ecosystem.

“The good news for Asia Pacific marketers is that, after years of rapid growth, we now have lots of just about everything! 2015 is the year of choice”, says [D+D], an industry group with a dual mission to maximize the value of marketers’ investment and to enhance the customer experience. [D+D] promotes the effective use of digital and direct marketing across Asia Pacific via advocacy, networking and education, by sharing digital and direct best practices for customer engagement, providing an industry meeting place, and sets the highest standards for responsible use of customer data.

About half (47%) of the world’s internet population is in this region and there are nearly 1.1 billion active social media users in Asia Pacific. More than half of all global smartphone users (951 million of them) are here. Mobile social users grew more than 30% year-on-year and one-quarter of all multi-device users own three or more devices, not to mention around a billion tablet users. Digital advertising investment is up nearly 18% year-on-year to more than $41 billion, with 23% of that spent on mobile.

Nearly one-third of all Twitter users are in this region, and in China WeChat is dominant with 549 million monthly active users.

And the statistics in this year’s Asia Pacific Digital Factbook go on and on. With connectivity, mobility and scale comes opportunity.

“Analysts have predicted ‘the year of mobile’ for many years – now it’s undeniably here. However, it’s also the year of social media. And apps and messaging. And eCommerce. And programmatic advertising. And it’s still the year of search. So 2015 is the year of choice. Asia Pacific now has a robust and constantly evolving ecosystem of marketing and communications platforms and media”, said David Ketchum, Chairman of [D+D]. “The [D+D] Digital Factbook provides the statistics and insights you need to maximise emerging opportunities.”

Over the past eight years, the Digital Factbook’s predecessor, the Asia Digital Marketing Association’s (ADMA) Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook, has been the go-to resource for everyone looking for scarce, valuable information about online habits in Asia Pacific. Business executives use it to spot emerging online trends, marketers use it to shape their strategies and understanding of their target customers’ behaviour, and advertisers and media buyers look for actionable insights.

Compiled by the Digital + Direct Marketing Association Asia [D+D], the full version of the Digital Factbook is available to members; and non-members can download a summary PDF. Find details at