keymileThis week, KEYMILE presented XCC20, its new hybrid access- and transport platform for mission-critical networks, at the GITEX in Dubai, the largest ICT trade fair in the Middle East.

MediaBuzz caught up with Stephan Hampel, Executive Director, APAC & MEA for KEYMILE GmbH, and Ünal Guzel, Managing Director of KEYMILE Systems JLT at GITEX to find out more about KEYMILE’s product offerings and benefits compared to their competitors.

KEYMILE’s focus on the show this year was to present its new multi-service access- and transmission platform XMC20 that supports network operators in migrating an existing telecommunications network from TDM-based to packet-based services.One single network element offers both Ethernet and native TDM functions, providing flexibility that is possible due to the XMC20's hybrid system architecture and numerous Ethernet and TDM interfaces.


Network operators can run the XMC20 as an MPLS-TP node, as an SDH/PDH multiplexer, or a combination of the two without restricting the functionality of the other transmission types. Various gateways are offered for the technologies to interact, for instance, TDM-over-IP with Circuit-Emulation-over-Packet, VoIP with SIP or Ethernet-over-SDH, making it ideal for buffer management and data synchronization, particularly for real-time distributed applications and mobile dedicated networks.

According to Ünal Guzel, one of the key advantages of the XMC20 is that it has a very low power consumption compared to the competitors, even enabling it to run without cooling if needed, giving it a very eco-friendly footprint and increasing its fields of application. “Being very robust, scalable and modular, the XMC20 is ideal for tough, mission critical applications. Being a hybrid system, it is able to operate with optical as well as conventional networks. It is backward compatible, as well as ready for the latest technology, making it ideal for gradual upgrading of existing systems through all phases”, he explained.

“Another unique solution the XMC20 offers is that it can be used with KEYMILE’s new proprietary high end encryption system, operating at the layer two level, which is based on quantum physics. Here we are unique in the market, being able to offer an extremely high level of safe and protected data transmission”, Stephan Hampel added.

When asked about the main challenges KEYMILE is facing when competing and providing their services in the MEA and SEA regions, the company’s executive director for both regions pointed out that customers want most of all a local representative and local support - be it by phone, online, or if necessary directly on the ground. This requires having a sales and service team in place, which is readily available in the given regions. Stephan Hampel emphasized: “Customers expect results and solutions immediately, which KEYMILE can assure by being present in the region”.

All these factors mentioned, and especially the hybrid system architecture, make the XMC20 a future-proof solution for developing packet-based, mission-critical networks. Developed and produced in Germany and Switzerland, the XMC20 product family definitely consolidates KEYMILE's strategic focus on solutions for mission-critical telecommunications networks that are indispensable for railway companies, oil and gas pipelines, energy utilities, airports local authorities and emergency networks as well as banking and financial institutes.


Powerful QoS (Quality of Service) functions, a robust design, very good scalability and top levels of availability in any application, as well as in-depth protection and redundancy functions, ensure efficient, secure and reliable data transmission.

At the same time, at the Broadband World Forum in London, KEYMILE showcased its multi-service access platform MileGate, which is ideal for creating and expanding sustainable networks. It supports active and passive optical Ethernet, enabling network operators to offer attractive services to residential and corporate customers quickly and flexibly. MileGate fulfils all regulations imposed by international standards regarding energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, adding up to an excellent eco-footprint. Besides that, KEYMILE also showed the MileGate Fibre Series at the show, which is convenient for setting up extensive FTTH/B infrastructures since it supports both active and passive optical Ethernet from just one single platform.

When asked on the approach of KEYMILE for the unstoppable expansion of the IoT business as well as smart cities, and how KEYMILE’s products fit into this future, Mr Hampel pointed out that the company’s MileGate solution is perfect to securely deliver data, video and voice, via all technologies up to the door, making it highly scalable and adaptable to technology changes in the network.

“We also offer tried and proven metering systems solutions with our Line Runner products for tele-control, tele-metering, and smart grid communications, which will be a must for smart cities in the future.” Mr. Hampel concluded.

By MediaBUZZ