gfkWith predictions of mobile ad spend reaching $100 billion in 2016 (51% of all digital expenditure) and doubling by 2019 to $196 billion (70% of all digital ad spend), mobile advertising is key for any marketer.

Despite this trend, the technology to maximize digital ad spend around more than just delivery metrics has not been made available as of late. The more proudly GfK announced that it has the assets now - to evaluate the full cross-media picture, even at a brand impact level, that is required by media agencies, publishers and advertisers.  In other words, GfK can now identify when an individual is exposed to an advertisement on multiple devices (PC, smartphone, tablet etc.) and unify the browser and app experience - thereby enabling a more accurate evaluation and attribution of the performance of ad formats, creative and overall campaigns. Doing so requires not only the actual measurement of individual exposure to ads, but also the attribution of these exposures across multiple devices and also different ecosystems.

"This time last year I was presenting at conferences and telling clients that the big issue in mobile advertising was that we couldn't evaluate ads properly - despite there being so much data around - mainly because of privacy and technology challenges. We are now able to bring cross-media clarity while fully adhering to privacy guidelines and laws," says Arno Hummerston, Global Director, Digital Market Intelligence at GfK.

GfK has also developed a multi-faceted approach with Facebook to bring a robust evaluation of the effectiveness of advertisers' campaigns across all devices. Taking into account the targeting and reach of Facebook campaigns, these new solutions allow total campaign effectiveness measurement.

Hummerston states: "By bringing together the PC browser ad exposure measurement with mobile browser measurement and also the in-app ad measurement, GfK has closed the cross-media digital loop. We have great coverage and scale through collaborators like Facebook. We will continue to invest and evolve our digital ad solutions to help marketers better understand their efforts in the digital space. In that way they can deliver more integrated, better performing campaigns."

These solutions are currently being used and optimized and will be incorporated into GfK's existing portfolio from November 2015 onwards, including GfK Experience Effects communication trackers.

By MediaBUZZ