seguruRalph Echemendia, better known by his alter ego “The Ethical Hacker,” just announced at Money 20/20, Europe’s largest FinTech event in Amsterdam, the launch of SEGURU, an application created to provide the most secure approach towards a safer digital experience for individuals across the world.

SEGURU, a tool to empower social change, is the first safeware of its kind, integrating software, hardware and IT infrastructure to help mobile users to visualize, detect and safeguard against breaches and theft of sensitive personal data. The company plans to expand in time to deliver its safeware service for computers and other devices.

Microsoft, for instance, has stated that the potential cost of cyber-crime to the global community is a mind-boggling $500 billion. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett believes cyber-attacks are the biggest threat to mankind — even more of a threat than nuclear weapons. With these facts and more in mind, SEGURU was created by Echemendia to empower the ordinary consumer and tech device user to take control of their personal information.

SEGURU plans to first educate, while aiming to create a digital awareness movement, and then to help users identify, deflect or address potential hacks. It provides control of the release of their personal information on the internet.

“The topic of cyber security is not the simplest to understand,” said Echemendia. “SEGURU is here to explain and educate on the protection of personal data. It enables users to see what data they are generating, where it is and how that data is being used. This means that consumers can take more responsibility and control over access to their data along with the ability to identify potential risk. They can be their own security gurus.”

Echemendia worked closely with Executive Advisors for SEGURU, including Cyberpsychologist and Author Dr. Mary Aiken, whose groundbreaking work inspired the CBS television series CSI: Cyber; and Yobie Benjamin, Co-founder/COO, CTO, Advisor, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Coder and Biohacker, who is also known for his work as the former Global CTO of Citigroup.

“The reality is that digital technology is both good and bad, the only practical way forward is to figure out how we can live intelligently with it,” said Aiken. “This is why we have launched SEGURU, to educate and empower consumers to live their lives with technology.”

SEGURU will be available for download on all iOS and Android smartphones.

For more information about SEGURU and to sign up for the app, please visit