open platform securityAt ConnecTechAsia, the new mega technology event in Singapore, Irdeto just launched its Android TV security solution named “Irdeto Armor”, which has been designed to protect the device, data and services built on Android TV.

“Changes in consumer behavior, the growth of unmanaged devices and the rapid evolution of STB platforms are just some of the challenges faced today by pay TV operators,” said Andrew Bunten, SVP of Content Protection at Irdeto. “Hence, the need to differentiate on content is starting to become more critical than ever. Open platforms like Android TV allow operators to future-proof their STB and provide consumers with choice. At the same time, protecting open platforms is crucial to preventing loss of revenue, STB investment, content and data as well as any other damage to the operator’s brand. With Irdeto, operators have a trusted security partner to help them achieve their business goals on any platform.”

Indeed, customer preferences seem to change fast, considering that reported that TV time is shrinking while mobile time is increasing and generally predicts that smartphones will be the new leader in time spent by 2019. In any case, the competition from digital platforms is clearly intensifying and relying on audience lock-in doesn’t work any longer. Open platforms like Android TV allow operators to future-proof their set-top boxes and provide consumers with choice, besides addressing security challenges unconditionally.

Irdeto Armor for Android TV enables operators to reap the benefits of Android TV while maintaining full control of security on their platform, including managing content piracy and preventing loading of unauthorized software. It combines conditional access and watermarking to protect premium content like 4K UHD. The solution also provides operators with advanced security services to help them manage a variety of threats while ensuring an optimal viewing experience.

Best of all, Irdeto supports a variety of chipsets from its partners and Irdeto Armor for Android TV comes pre-integrated and ready-to-certify with Irdeto Cloaked CA, the most widely deployed cardless Conditional Access (CA) solution in the world.

By Daniela La Marca