circleslifeBorn with the vision of revolutionizing the telco industry by giving power back to customers, the Singapore-based company Circle.Life is the world's first fully digital telco and has become the fastest-growing telco in Singapore since its commercial launch two years ago.

Circles.Life delivers a highly customizable mobile service (voice, data, roaming) that users can manage through the CirclesCare app. With advanced algorithm and a cutting-edge team, Circles.Life aims to unlock the potential of the region by solving real problems by applying Circles-X technology to automate telco systems and cut operational costs by 95%.

The new partnership will see the roll-out of Adobe Experience Cloud – comprised of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud – to provide a comprehensive set of cloud services offering world-class analytics, audience optimization and campaign management solutions.

Known for its innovative, disruptive no-contract mobile plans, the new-age virtual telco has no physical store and operates solely through digital channels. This makes the task of knowing their customers and truly understanding their preferences more challenging, yet essential. Adobe Experience Cloud will provide a robust platform to help the telco gain a deeper understanding of their customers through their own and 3rd-party data, and in turn deliver tailored communication and experiences at every touchpoint, reaching the right audiences at the right time.

As the telco expands its business regionally, the marketing team needs a central platform where they can derive customer insight in real time and execute cross-channel campaigns to different audience segments quickly and effectively. Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager will provide better customer insight, while Adobe Advertising Cloud tracks campaign performance and facilitate budget maximization across search, social and display efforts. Adobe Campaign will further enable loyalty through highly personalized customer engagement, giving the freedom of choice and power back to the customer.

Gaurav Gupta, Senior Manager – Omnichannel, Circles.Life explained, “Improving customer experience has always been at the heart of every decision we make at Circles.Life, and ‘giving power back to the customer’ is the reason we exist. Our vision is to build an ecosystem that enables a continuous conversation with each user, personalized to their needs, in an omnichannel ensemble. Adobe Experience Cloud will allow us to build a unified user profile with a 360-degree view of the digital persona, and then mobilize intuitively orchestrated user journeys across digital interfaces that will provide answers to questions that users haven’t even asked yet.”

By MediaBUZZ