microSMicroStrategy Incorporated, a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, unveiled a map for the Intelligent Enterprise at its annual user conference, MicroStrategy World™ 2018. The map serves as a playbook that offers a collection of technologies and techniques to help organizations leverage existing investments and navigate toward a successful data-driven organization, which MicroStrategy refers to as the ‘Intelligent Enterprise’.

Michael J. Saylor, MicroStrategy’s CEO, highlighted in his keynote the challenges companies face when confronted with constantly evolving pressures, suggesting the use of the map to plan their analytics initiatives for 2018 and to evaluate how each part impacts business constituents, from employees to customers and vendors.

“Organizations large and small can now use the map of the Intelligence Enterprise to identify solutions to meet regulatory, technological, market, and competitive challenges, and turn them into opportunity and profit,” said Mr. Saylor. “The most successful organizations will be the ones that embrace a cohesive analytics framework to leverage all the different intelligence assets and deliver powerful analytics and mobility solutions across the enterprise as well as transformative insights to every department, device, and constituent.”

The map of the Intelligent Enterprise takes feedback from hundreds of MicroStrategy’s leading customers and partners into account, and recognizes the need for a modern platform to build, deploy, and maintain intelligence applications. It underscores the importance of being able to quickly overcome challenges and build applications on top of existing enterprise assets and data investments.

Generally, it outlines the following components of an Intelligent Enterprise:

  • Platform Services encompassing critical capabilities to deploy analytics and mobility applications with high performance and scalability on top of enterprise assets.
  • Application Services comprised of a suite of enterprise-caliber add-on services available for architects to quickly and easily integrate into any application.
  • Reusable Schema captured in business terms that maps to enterprise assets and abstracts complexities of the underlying data to allow rapid development.
  • Federated, Certified Data published to enterprise architects, and departmental analysts, data scientists and developers.
  • Applications that are containers of actionable intelligence, packaged and published to the enterprise and departments.
  • Security that includes capabilities enabling the development of personalized and secured applications incorporating multi-factor, multi-layer authentication.

In addition, MicroStrategy announced new connectors to data discovery vendors at its annual user conference, with the aim to help promote a more open and powerful analytics ecosystem by enabling business users of different discovery tools to bridge applications across their enterprise.  That way, the company brings governance, scalability, and security to data discovery users and eliminate fragmented silos across the organization. Not to mention that users can securely reuse foundational objects like metrics and dimensions, all the way to reports, dashboards, and even mobile apps hundreds of times across multiple applications. Changes to applications easily and automatically proliferate to dependent and underlying objects, eliminating the need to manually update those changes across the deployment, which is particularly critical for large-scale BI projects.

“We see business users buying data discovery tools just like they purchase a commodity on Amazon,” added Tim Lang, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MicroStrategy Incorporated. “While they can begin a conversation about their data, these conversations all too often turn into dead ends because no one can trust all of the different answers that come from having multiple applications and data silos. With these new MicroStrategy connectors, users can keep using their data discovery tools and fully leverage MicroStrategy 10 to get one version of the truth, in a more secure, scalable, and governed environment.”

By MediaBUZZ