IDC DataIDC just revealed its datacenter predictions for the Asia Pacific region as well as its view on how datacenter modernization and automation, edge datacenters, consumption-based procurement and software-defined datacenters will impact organizations in the region in the next three years. The research firm believes the current pressure on enterprises to digitally transform and become “digitally native” can only occur if the underlying datacenter architecture and infrastructure is in place.  The digital economy that is upon us is demanding a highly accurate, fully automated, lights-out datacenter environment that uses predictive analytics to reduce downtime, IDC is convinced.

“Datacenter facility and IT infrastructure is maturing at a rapid rate. It is getting smarter, denser, more automated, more integrated and software-defined,” says Dr. Glen Duncan, Senior Research Manager of Domain Group, IDC Asia/Pacific.

At the micro-level, technologies such as integrated infrastructure, hyper converged appliances, software-defined storage, flash storage, software-defined networks and datacenter information management are providing the foundations for this transformation. While at the macro-level, the multi-cloud environment continues to build out as the new datacenter architecture for many organizations. The internet-of-things and associated sensors and devices at the edge is forcing the pendulum to shift back to a decentralized model of edge datacenters.

But as the new datacenter environment builds out, it is not without its challenges. Government legislation that requires for data to remain within national borders and adhere to strict privacy legislation is a significant issue. So too is the rate of change and growth. As enterprises rapidly transform their underlying datacenters, the environment must mature at the same rate. If there is misalignment, business will be hampered, and shadow IT will proliferate.

According to Duncan, some of the top datacenter predictions that will impact organizations in Asia Pacific (Excluding japan) in the next 3 years are:

  • Consumption-Based IT: By 2020, consumption-based procurement in datacenters will have eclipsed traditional procurement through improved "as a Service" Models, thus accounting for as much as 50% of enterprises' IT infrastructure spending.
  • Smart Edge Datacenters: By 2021, critical infrastructure in 35% of enterprise datacenters will be operating autonomously while the use of autonomous IT in intelligent edge locations will be even greater as organizations seek to link core and edge resources to support digital transformation initiatives.
  • Service Assurance: In 2019, 60% of digital services will fail to meet desired customer adoption levels because the providers of those services are unable to effectively monitor and quickly respond to performance, utilization, and cost degradations across their diverse IT resource pools.

For the full list of the top 10 datacenter predictions for the Asia Pacific market read IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Datacenter 2018 Predictions – APeJ Implications.

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