NortonLifeLockNortonLifeLock, a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety, announced the launch of Dark Web Monitoring in Hong Kong to be able to notify customers of potential threats to their identity, if detected.

“We are delighted a range of Norton 360 plans in Hong Kong now include Dark Web Monitoring. No matter how careful an individual may be with their personal data online, an everyday activity such as going to a store and using a credit card could lead to data being leaked and reaching the dark web. While data breaches involving large companies have become familiar topics on the news, smaller organizations are also targeted by cybercriminals and these events may not be heavily publicized, although the impact on lives is just as real,” said Mark Gorrie, Senior Director, Asia Pacific, NortonLifeLock.

The dark web is a small part of the web where anonymity is prized, and nefarious activities can run amok. Where previously two people might have met in a dark alley to exchange illegal goods for cash, today cybercriminals can meet anonymously on the dark web to illegally purchase information that can be used to commit identity theft or other crimes.

“Our Dark Web Monitoring feature actively searches the dark web for your email address and other personal data you choose to register and issues a notification should that data be discovered. With Dark Web Monitoring we are offering another tool to help protect and empower people to live their digital lives more safely”, Mark Gorrie concluded.

Dark Web Monitoring is now available in Norton 360 Premium, Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 for Gamers. When a customer subscribes to a Norton 360 plan with Dark Web Monitoring, the email address registered to the Norton 360 plan will be monitored automatically, while the easy-to-use dashboard allows for personally identifiable pieces of information to be added for monitoring. This includes up to five insurance account numbers; email addresses, phone numbers; and up to ten credit card numbers and even gamer tags. In the event of that data being found on the dark web, whether through forums or websites, the notification allows for direct action to be taken, including changing a password or contacting a trusted service provider.

Current customers with an active subscription can now access Dark Web Monitoring for the remainder of their subscription at no extra cost through an automatic update. This extends across a number of devices, from smartphones to tablets and PCs, depending on the customer’s priorities and chosen plan.

In addition to Dark Web Monitoring, key Norton 360 features include:

  • Norton Mobile Security: helps deliver powerful, effective protection for your personal information on Android and iOS devices, against stealthy new mobile cyber threats and online frauds – considering smartphones and tablets carry a lot of personal information and be vulnerable to cyber threats.
  • PC Cloud Backup: allows you to choose the plan that suits your needs, with options from 50GB, 75GB, or 100 GB (depending on plan) of cloud storage for important files and documents as a preventative measure to data loss due to hard drive failures, stolen devices and even ransomware.
  • Norton Secure VPN: allows you to access your favorite apps and websites when connecting to Wi-Fi at home or on-the-go with the reassurance of bank-grade encryption.
  • PC SafeCam: receive alerts when your webcam is accessed and block it.
  • Parental Control: helps children more safely explore the internet
  • Smart Firewall for PC: helps protect your device and data from malicious attacks and intrusive eyes by monitoring and blocking suspicious network traffic.
  • Password Manager: creates, stores and manages your passwords, credit card information and other credentials online more easily.
  • Norton 360 for Gamers: offers advanced protection features specifically designed to address gamers’ unique security needs, without interfering with gameplay. The in-built Game Optimizer feature allows gamers to maximize their game performance for a more immersive gameplay experience.

These new features come at the right time to patrol the dark web, enabling customers to identify potential threats to their identity.

By MediaBUZZ