ChooseWordsWiselyExcellent texts underline the uniqueness of a website and attract a certain amount of attention. The right choice of words can gain the trust of visitors and lead interested parties developing a certain bond to the brand. However, while the best choice of words on a website can have a huge impact on conversions, it is often not tested. Therefore, in the following, you will find out which texts you should optimize, how you can implement them successfully and what effect it can have on your conversion rate.

Choose inventive product descriptions

The greatest potential for optimization lies hidden in the product descriptions, because interested users spend a lot of time on the product pages and carefully read the descriptions of the items on offer – including the customer reviews. The goal is, however, to provide all the information needed, so that the customer feels well advised.

Since companies usually offer a large number of products in their shop, they unfortunately often shy away from improving each individual description and rely only on the manufacturer's texts. However, these are limited to the pure facts of the product and should therefore be expanded and customized, because customers can see through the simple copying of the text, as it appears in most online shops.

For example, the clothing of a certain brand is offered at different retailers; therefore, the product descriptions should be adapted to the respective shop and suit the relevant target group. With the help of A/B testing you can find out which texts and formulations work best for your customers.

Always keep in mind that you are not selling a product but an experience. The more you meet your customers on an emotional level, the higher your conversion rate will be, simply because people often do not make their purchase decisions rationally, but rather intuitively and emotionally.

Equip headings with the right keywords

Eight out of ten people these days only look at the headline to decide whether they find the rest of the content of the website or the text interesting. Only two out of ten read the rest too. Therefore, the headline must attract the reader's attention and interest.

So, keep the headline as simple, short and concise as possible and avoid foreign words or complicated technical terms. Address the reader directly and add numbers or effective keywords, such as "10 tips that will make A/B testing effortless". Make sure that your readers know exactly what your text is about and why they should read it. However, make sure you only reveal the actual end or result in the text itself. Test different variations and see what works best for your readers.

Increase the number of users with push notifications

Push notifications are an important means of communication between app providers and users. Correct use substantially increases the number of app users and particularly attention-grabbing words can significantly increase the effect. Basically, address the users in a friendly but decisive manner. A simple, polite greeting with “Hello”, “Welcome” or “Thank you” will help you get started easily and don’t forget to address the customer directly with “you” or “your” and create incentives to buy. Signal words such as “bonus”, “reward” or “opportunity” can increase the success of push notifications too.

Increase buying motivation with call-to-action measures

Motivate visitors to your website to shop with simple changes in the wording: e.g., instead of “Open an account”, choose, for example, “Get started now”. A request such as "Contact us" has a more positive effect on the reader than a simple "Contact" button as it addresses directly. With a phrase like “Receive a free month”, you show your website visitors immediately the benefits of clicking the button.

With the right wording, you can also reduce the uncertainties of your website visitors: e.g., instead of just using the word "download", you should test whether "download e-book" works better. "Download" is often used to download software; hence, the clear formulation creates security.

In general, call-to-action elements should always sound positive and be a friendly invitation. The words "your", "my", "free", "new", "now", "immediately" and a direct address (you) are of great help here.

Words have a big meaning in our life. Chosen correctly, they can give your text or message a completely different conclusion. The human psyche is based on stimuli and emotions and as soon as these are triggered, the conversion rate increases.

By MediaBUZZ