CouchconnectSpectra7 Microsystems Inc., a high performance analog semiconductor company, recently launched CouchConnect which offers consumers revolutionary, low cost second screen connectivity.

Claiming to be the simplest, portable 5 meter/16 foot "plug and play" solution - capable of delivering true, real-time 1080p HD or 4K UltraHD content anytime, anyplace from mobile device to main screen – the venture looks promising. Especially, since the market for mobile devices connected to the main TV screen is projected to grow to US $5.9 billion by 2017, as users choose to enhance their viewing experience with a second screen, according to the industry research firm ‘The Intersection’.

However, existing closed streaming-only devices can retail for up to $100 and are plagued by set-up complexity and poor picture quality, leaving consumers frustrated. Recently launched open-source devices offer lower cost but are limited to stationary use and struggle to deliver consistent, reliable video streaming. And although these platforms use Wi-Fi, many still require up to three different cables for antenna connectivity and power. Further, Wi-Fi struggles to deliver true, instant load, real-time 1080p or 4K UltraHD picture quality, pinch-to-zoom applications or uninterrupted, reliable streaming or gaming content due to bandwidth limitations and interference.

Due to Spectra7's CC7000, the industry's first self-powered chip capable of delivering 1080p HD and 4K UltraHD television, unprecedented "plug and play" portability between any mobile device and the TV in any location is now possible, not to mention that it retails at up to seventy-five percent lower than any other streaming device on the market today. By applying the patented power harvesting technology in the CC7000, CouchConnect™ requires only one ultra-thin cable for connectivity and chip power, enabling a sleek, low cost, and highly portable solution for a broad range of consumers including frequent travelers, home viewers, gamers and college students.

"With nearly a quarter of a billion HDMI enabled mobile devices and multiple HDMI ports available in the hundreds of millions of main screen televisions shipped each year, we believe that second screen viewership is poised to grow exponentially," said Tony Stelliga, CEO of Spectra7. (Source: Spectra7 Microsystems Inc.)

By MediaBUZZ