Achieving higher conversion rates, increased brand awareness and a larger audience are the top priorities in digital marketing this year, prompting Asian eMarketing to briefly give you some tips on how to accomplish that.

1. How to increase conversion rates?

  • Improve the response of mobile users through location-based services and push messages;
  • Optimize your strategy for shopping cart abandonment by sending suitable offers by email promptly after the aborted purchase;
  • Use all available channels to lure the customer back for another purchase. At the same time, keep in mind that your target audience today consists of both smartphone and PC users that need to be addressed individually the best possible way.

2. How to increase brand awareness?

  • Social listening is key, so listen carefully what consumers have to say;
  • And respond! Social media offers ideal conditions to start a direct dialogue with customers and to deliver information, helpful tips and fast feedback;
  • Initially, focus strategically on the most important social media channels: Quality over quantity.

3. How to expand your audience

  • Analyze various online channels to determine where you can reach your target audience best;
  • Then create the best possible customer experience through these channels;
  • Take advantage of tools and solutions to especially meet the needs of mobile users, such as clearly designing and optimizing registration forms for different mobile devices.

Gain more dynamics and growth

Obviously, things are always changing, but they now do so with extremely increasing speed and a high degree of unpredictability. Companies in Asia, however, often like to ignore these trends or simply do not have the right people available internally, apart from still prevalent thinking in silos.  Nobody seems to admit that and instead the issue gets ignored as much as possible. And exactly this serenity leads to problems.

Whoever is ready for all this, has already taken the first step towards the much-needed change. So, act now and rush ahead of your competition!

The dramatic changes have mainly been caused by:

  • The Internet and the high degree of crosslinking of the users;
  • The enlightened consumer, who can get comprehensive information faster than ever before and can’t be lured any longer with "cheap" advertisement;
  • An extreme shift to mobile devices for information search, evaluation, exchange of views and shopping;
  • An unimaginable amount of available and highly personalized user data, that makes us more and more transparent;
  • The stronger integration of international economies and the consequent fusion of interest situations;
  • Relevance has become an essential survival criterion. Who isn’t relevant will sooner or later go down.

Tips what you could do:

1. Develop growth scenarios - Leave worn tracks deliberately: Do not take the average value or the result of last year by default, but set your realistic expectations.

2. Create alternative scenarios - Planning is becoming increasingly difficult, therefore, you should think ahead - just in case.

3. Reconsider product portfolio - It is time to review the entire portfolio of efficiency and align it with the growth plan. Portfolio planning and management across all relevant levels is now in demand.

4. Change products - If you think about not offering some of them any longer in the future or only in a changed form, then the time has come for a review of your product life cycle. Particularly, take into account the impact of these changes on the consumer.

5. Check relevance - The fact that 2014 is marked by UX - which means user experience of the consumer with your product, is hopefully well-known: The relevance of your product for the consumer as well as the relevance of your company to the consumer. Still, you are only successful if you stay relevant.

Godspeed for your business in 2014!

By Daniela La Marca