Google’s innovative search technologies connect millions of people daily around the world with information and make it a top web property in all major global markets.

Google’s targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Now, the company introduced a number of new resources for businesses to expand internationally.

The Google Global Market Finder is a free online tool for advertisers to find new markets overseas. This tool will be available as part of Google Ads for Global Advertisers, a new website and hub for businesses to identify, reach, and engage with customers worldwide.

These new tools help businesses of all sizes address traditional barriers to international expansion, such as finding the right customers, translating their websites and ad campaigns into local languages, and reaching customers in foreign markets with relevant ads.

“There are 1.9 billion consumers online worldwide and tens of millions of businesses looking for products and services on the web,” said Aliza Knox, Google’s Managing Director of Online Sales in Asia-Pacific. “The Global Market Finder and Google Ads for Global Advertisers help advertisers, including the 154,000 SMEs in Singapore, convert these consumers and businesses into customers and grow their business globally.”

According to the International Enterprise Singapore, export of goods grew 22% from 2009 while exports of services grew 15%, reaching S$479 million and S$111 billion respectively in 2010. The Internet is also increasingly playing a major role in the purchase and marketing of goods and services across borders. Eighty-five percent of Internet users globally have purchased something online, according to a Nielsen Consumer Report. Singapore businesses can take advantage of the information, tools and marketing platforms available on the Web to find and engage new markets on a global level.

Global Market Finder helps businesses answer the question: who are my potential customers overseas? Businesses enter keywords that describe their product or service and select the region they’d like to explore. The Global Market Finder automatically translates those keywords into any one of 56 languages used in the selected region. It then ranks each location by opportunity based on factors like local search volume, suggested bid price, and competition for each translated keyword.

Google Ads for Global Advertisers is a new website where businesses can learn how to expand into foreign markets. It contains tools and tips to help businesses:

  • Find the right market for their products and services using tools like the Global Market Finder and the Consumer Commerce Barometer.
  • Translate their website and ad text using Google Translate Web Element and Google Translator Toolkit.
  • Reach new customers with relevant online ads using services like Google AdWords.
  • Understand options for international payment, shipping, and customer service.

Google has already helped hundreds of thousands of businesses reach new customers in foreign markets. The Global Market Finder and Google Ads for Global Advertisers website will help even more businesses realize their global potential.

Source: Google Inc.