Komli_Brand_logoThe digital media technology company Komli Media launched this week the Komli Brand in the region, offering display rich media and video solutions seamlessly across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

With growing digital consumption in the region and audiences becoming increasingly demanding in the way they interact online, Komli Brand has been developed to offer quality online connections and to help brands engage effectively with their customers, the company states.

The newly developed offering includes in-built mobile video capabilities that cater to marketer’s growing needs for multi-device video solutions.

Damien Lavin, Vice President, Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand, Komli Media commented: “The digital space is evolving rapidly, making it increasingly challenging for advertisers to help their clients keep their audiences engaged. Komli Brand was conceptualized keeping this fact in mind and helps advertisers take an integrated approach towards ensuring quality online connections. By combining the creative capabilities of Komli Imagine, the quality of our enhanced publisher network and the use of cross channel data for targeting, we are confident of Komli Brand's potential to offer a market leading solution that can effectively help entities engage users on multiple devices, across multiple locations and across multiple properties”.

Angkana Junyasawad of True Digital added: “As the lifestyle and interest branch of the third biggest mobile operator, first cable operator and internet provider in Thailand, we believe that Komli’s latest solution is the perfect answer to the marketer’s needs for an engaging and interactive solution across devices. We are glad to be a partner of Komli in this new endeavor and look forward to a successful journey together”.

With quality online connections being the central proposition, Komli Brand also aims at addressing the evolving needs of validation and viewability, which are increasingly becoming key metrics to assess the effectiveness of brand campaigns online.

According to Damien Lavin, Komli works with over 75% of the top advertisers in Southeast Asia, which gives the company an opportunity to understand the emerging trends in this market. “Basied on the insights we get from our client base, we will continue developing the Komli Brand solution and are in fact already working closely with some partners in this regard”, he emphasized.

As mentioned, Komli Brand also enhanced its creative team, Komli Imagine, to maximize innovation across a wide range of interactive formats. Now, Komli has invested in strengthening its management team across key locations by appointing business heads with strong local market understanding in select countries to drive awareness and use of Komli Brand among advertisers in the region. All new employees will work with key agencies across their locations to highlight the offering and its capabilities: Paul Davies has been appointed Country Director - Singapore and Malaysia; Jitesh Madhwani takes on the role for Indonesia, Mark Jackson will be Sales Director - Malaysia; Gilbert Cadiang, Sales Director - Philippines; and Aimme Sitthisenee, Sales Director – Thailand.

Simultaneously, to ensure clients are able to fully optimize the potential of the new solution, Komli Media has further strengthened its publisher portfolio by partnering with quality publishers such as the mentioned True Digital, a leading Thai mobile operator, and Malaysiakini, the leading Malaysian news website. All this is part of Komli Media's continuous effort to recruit new local partners that can help expand the company's reach.

By MediaBUZZ