onbrinkIn 2015, the Internet continues to connect the virtual and real world at breakneck speed, but I will not talk about Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things at this point. Instead, keywords such as flexibility, individuality, or cross-border cooperation are coming to my mind, which I believe will dominate the future of digital marketing enormously.

The demands for higher quality of services will rise further. Hence, agencies will have to specialize even more to offer high quality products in the most targeted way.

Flexible and individual campaign management

What matters is the productive and interconnected collaboration in the service sector. Only those who deliver high quality, customized and very service-oriented work, will prevail. Not to mention that meaningful content, quality graphics and individual consulting always have to be on top of the agenda.

Market positioning through comprehensive expertise and cooperation

Through cooperation of agencies, that have different expertise and priorities, a comprehensive, yet specialized service can be offered. Some are strong in the area of "SEO optimization", the others in traditional advertising, and maybe the third in email marketing.

The advantage for the client is that only one agency has to be dealt with for getting the best of everything. We must not forget that “time is money” and will become even more valuable in the future.

Even the time the agencies make for their customers will extend, as individuality requires almost forgotten values such as "listening, understanding, and reflecting" - and then, when you know what the customer wants, you can get going and be creative!

Emotion-oriented eCommerce will go mainstream

Increased knowledge brings increased responsibilities! In our times of Big Data and analytics, this means that people demand more flexibility and individuality from marketers and vendors in the future, especially since the Internet commerce is booming.

Emotions influence consumers’ shopping behavior, hence, understanding human moods and emotions plays a crucial role in predicting the purchase decision making of the consumer.

Therefore, creating an emotion-oriented eCommerce website can be extremely effective:

Every aspect of the portal should appeal to the emotions of the consumer, as only those with strong brand recognition and those that elicit an emotional reaction will have a significant success rate over just "glossy sites". Or let’s say, there is probably no better way to stand out from the competition.

Agencies have to compete with the demands of clients and deliver quality and compelling work, which means being service oriented, highly professional, besides acting flexible and fast.

By Daniela La Marca