3mobileNetbiscuits confirms its mission of helping organizations to reduce time and costs associated with building, testing and deploying mobile websites based on responsive web design principles, providing marketing professionals its award-winning Mobile Analytics tools for free.

With the free versions of the tailored business software programs Mobile Analytics and Device Detection, Netbiscuits wants to encourage marketers and developers with their technology to better profile customer engagement and deliver exceptional mobile web experiences for users on every device.

With Mobile Analytics, marketers can develop and track visitor personas around device, preferences and contextual use, identify causes of abandonment and ultimately deliver better engagement to increase conversions from mobile channels. It comes with user traffic reports and dashboards that reveal user behavior and preferences through device information. It can easily integrate into most desktop analytics software to enrich data with contextual information on mobile user behavior, uncover insights like bounce rate of visitors, based on screen size or speed of connection to the website.

Besides that, Netbiscuits offers a free version of their Device Detection product, the company’s advanced device library that contains detailed device feature capabilities of over 7,300 device profiles, which can be handy to build the most complete picture of devices being used to access a website. Using Device Detection, organizations can identify, segment, and route mobile traffic, optimize web testing, adapt site features and technology before first page load, and improve speed and page load times to extend their reach to every mobile device.

The free versions of both products will be accompanied by the launch of a tiered subscription model, handing businesses the keys to more powerful Mobile Analytics and Device Detection at a level and price point which makes sense for their needs.

Building a personalized ‘one-web’ consumer experience in 2014 has become a major challenge for brands, especially as next-generation technologies, such as connected TVs and wearable devices, are widely adopted by consumers.  Mobile analytics takes the guesswork out of building a mobile strategy, allowing to pinpoint the devices being used on the website down to a very specific level and getting a better understanding of how user behavior online is influenced by contextual factors, such as bandwidth and location, leading to better customer experiences.

Michael Neidhöfer, CEO of Netbiscuits said: "Mobile is all encompassing, and is no longer just a ‘nice to have’, but rather an essential communications channel to the customer. The variety in user context, preferences, behavior and the devices being used to access the web means we can no longer treat visitors as a single group, but must understand the different user requirements that change dynamically with device features, time of day and connection speeds. By releasing free versions of our enterprise-grade Mobile Analytics and Device Detection tools, we are empowering marketers to get back on top and rebuild the lost connection with their mobile customers. Netbiscuits is providing marketers with the tools to better understand customer engagement on mobile devices and improve conversion rates by eliminating the guesswork usually associated with developing for the mobile web."

So far, smaller businesses indeed had to rely on analytics software with limited client device data or they simply could not afford the necessary technology – Netbiscuits is now giving them a feasible option.

By Daniela La Marca