optimusNeural Technologies, a long-established sponsor of the Risk & Assurance Group, and a leading international provider of revenue protection, digital transformation and data analytic solutions to the telecommunications industry, has integrated its Optimus Fraud Management System (FMS) with the blockchain that powers RAG's Wangiri fraud intelligence exchange.

Consequently, all communication service providers (CSP) using Optimus Fraud Management will be able to seamlessly add and retrieve information about Wangiri fraud attacks to and from the industry's most comprehensive real-time fraud database.

As a partner member of the RAG Wangiri Blockchain Consortium, Neural Technologies will provide its customers with easy access to the distributed and secure blockchain ledger of fraudulent Wangiri calls dialed worldwide. CSP’s across the world have already joined the consortium and by giving CSP’s access to the consortium ledger via one of the industry's most popular fraud management systems will further accelerate the adoption of this vital anti-fraud collaboration

Martin Laesch, CTO of Neural Technologies, explained why they enhanced Optimus to make it even simpler for CSP’s to share what they know about Wangiri fraud: “By integrating our award-winning Optimus solution with the Wangiri fraud intelligence exchange, we can offer effective communication which assures the revenue protection of several leading CSP’s at low cost. By debuting the implementation of our innovation through a network of organizational synergy such as the Blockchain Consortium, the movement towards full-coverage security can be driven at a much faster pace. This will accelerate the protection rate of key players, allowing us to better-achieve our goal of reinforcing business security as efficiently as possible.” Laesch added: “With many customers already interested in our solution, we are glad to be able to pioneer the integration effort to boost ecosystem security and stability. Further, we are pleased to help RAG, and the industry to continue to innovate and fight fraud globally.”

Eric Priezkalns, Chief Executive of RAG, commented: “We are grateful to Neural Technologies for giving such a high priority to integrating Optimus Fraud Management with the RAG Wangiri Blockchain, and thus facilitating their customers in joining this rapidly growing initiative.  Neural Technologies have a peerless reputation for the technical excellence of their products, and they also possess a long track record of working with CSP’s to combat fraud.  The value they see in making the RAG Wangiri Blockchain easily accessible to their customers is validation of an initiative that sought to use new technology to enable anti-fraud cooperation between CSP’s and vendors on a scale we have not previously seen”.

“Neural Technologies has been a loyal supporter of RAG's nonprofit work, so we had high hopes about their joining the RAG Wangiri Blockchain Consortium.  However, the speed with which they have connected their fraud management product has exceeded our most optimistic forecasts.  This demonstrates the quality of their engineering team, and their commitment to dealing with a wave of fraud that causes a great deal of harm to CSP’s and customers alike.  We are thrilled to have Neural Technologies as partners in our efforts to put Wangiri fraudsters out of commission”, he concluded. (Source: Neural Technologies)

By MediaBUZZ