onedashOneDash just announced the launch of a groundbreaking chat-to-checkout service. The Singapore-based technology company provides digital solutions using Artificial Intelligence to help brands interact better with their customers. Its new messaging platform allows online shoppers to perform direct, in-app, add-to-cart functions, with the option to check out in the very same chat. This new capability eliminates the need to exit a chat session in order to complete a purchase.

Cart abandonment is a major issue facing online retail. A Baymard 2019 Study showed that one out of four shoppers abandons a cart due to inefficient or time-intensive checkout processes. OneDash is addressing this pain point by optimizing the online shopping experience, providing a real-time service for customers to see their purchases from start to finish.

OneDash’s app enables interactive video allowing customers to connect with retail outlets, in real time, bringing the online shopping experience to a new level with personal interaction for enhanced customer engagement to boost brand loyalty.

“With the global growth of video content, and the promotion of short videos by platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, we realized that the hidden costs are enormous,” said Oleksandr Matviishyn CTO of OneDash. “We were driven by the idea of making video more affordable and providing the ability for every business to create, distribute, and monetize their video content, while at the same time, improving the production speed of interactive video content. During the implementation phase, we came up with a few additional ideas like advertising, Messenger commerce, and live streaming to make the platform even more robust.”

Rayhan Perera, CEO of OneDash, founded the company in 2017 with a vision of creating a more immersive shopping platform, allowing consumers to better engage with brands online. In 2019, OneDash was ranked in the top five at Google’s ICCV 2019 Deepfashion2 Challenge for Artificial Intelligence and gets support from a team of well-known industry advisors.

“OneDash was born out of the consumer need for a seamless online shopping experience. Chatbots or live chat services are no longer enough. The deal is closed only when the payment button is clicked. Our goal is to create the simplest, most pain-free experience for customers who wish to chat with a brand or salesperson and complete a purchase without ever having to leave a chat,” explained Rayhan.

OneDash is available on Apple’s iTunes Store and will be available on the Android play store in July 2020. Users can also download for free through the OneDash platform or any official OneDash merchant. (Source: OneDash)

By MediaBUZZ