limelightLimelight Networks, Inc., a leading provider of edge cloud services, announced it has increased its network egress capacity by more than 70% in the last year to support the growth of online traffic and the needs of customers worldwide.

Limelight has added this global capacity in an environmentally sensitive manner, setting a new standard for more energy efficient content delivery solutions. In 2019, efficiency has consistently improved using software innovation and new server technology.

Limelight’s edge services platform includes a unique combination of global private infrastructure, intelligent software, and expert support services that enable current and future workflows.

Its new next generation servers, for example, increase the average amount of data delivered per unit of power (megabits per second per watt) by almost 80%, providing increased capacity and reliability for customers.

In addition to efficiency gains, Limelight saw last year online traffic increase by almost 50%. This strong demand was primarily due to Limelight’s significant involvement in several live and on-demand OTT launches by some of the largest media companies in the world. These companies rely on Limelight as a trusted partner based on network performance, global scale, and customer support.

“We’re delivering record online traffic and performance levels while expanding in an environmentally responsible way,” said Ersin Galioglu, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Limelight. “With many major media companies launching OTT offerings, we’re adding capacity globally as efficiently as possible to meet the growing demand.”

Limelight managed to increased egress capacity to over 70 terabits per second with 130 points-of-presence (PoPs) across the globe in 2019. Its expansion, along with the Ericsson Edge Gravity initiative, added new content delivery capabilities to service provider networks in 19 locations across 8 countries: Thailand, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Turkey and Malaysia. (Source: Limelight)

By MediaBUZZ