telenor connectionTelenor Connexion announced the expansion of its IoT solutions offering with the release of its new big data analytics tool ‘ ARTS’ (Advanced Real-time troubleshooting ToolSet) that collects and analyses big data and provides customers with actionable and detailed insights, besides delivering results for optimized operations and maintenance, improved service delivery and increased revenues.

Building on more than 15 years of experience, a strong solutions portfolio and a collaborative approach, Telenor Connexion makes it easy to realize the value of connected services.

With this toolset, Telenor Connexion is making it possible for its customers to gain deeper insights into their data, as ARTS provides unique, real-time insights into global mobile networks and connected devices, thereby empowering their customers to be able to deliver a better end-user experience and improve their competitive position.

ARTS measures and reports efficient and optimized IoT service delivery globally and also provides insights on untapped market potential. This new tool is targeted towards new and existing business customers in industries such as automotive, fleet management, utilities and security, and is of particular value to those with global reach.

“Internet of Things analytics can really drive value. ARTS provides our customers with a tool to understand the IoT data at their disposal. It has the added benefit of reducing maintenance costs, generating savings and uncovering new revenue streams”, says Mats Lundquist, CEO of Telenor Connexion.

Based on real-time device behavior and big data analytics, ARTS continuously analyzes the data and can predict an issue before it happens, enabling actions to be proactively taken and quality of service to be improved. The tool provides detailed insights for troubleshooting and support, operations, and business intelligence.

The ARTS toolset is a web interface that utilizes the secure and reliable cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which further complements Telenor Connexion’s mission to help customers get the full benefit of being connected.

One of IDC’s latest research points out that enterprises have generated, collected, and stored vast amounts of data for years and are currently interested in analyzing this data to drive business innovation.

According to Sherrel Roche, IT Services Senior Market Analyst, IDC Asia Pacific, "Enterprises are overwhelmed with massive amounts of data, and additionally, mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) are adding to this exponential growth and complexity. This in turn is facilitating enterprises to have a relook at their big data and analytics strategy and leverage the growing data to make quick and right decisions to achieve business goals.”

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