OrbotechAccording to Asher Levy, CEO of Orbotech Ltd., the answer to the headline question is an unequivocal yes. "Reading, writing and connecting through conversation are the major cornerstones of every language," says Levy.

"Electronics manufacturing 'literacy' covers all of these bases: Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment is all about reading – you need to be able to study, inspect and verify the 'script' of key electronic elements such as printed circuit boards and flat panel displays. Direct Imaging (DI), automated rework, metallization on multiple substrates and the advent of printed electronics – all of these are indicative of electronics writing. And producing advanced multi-stack packages requires proper connecting so that electronic components can engage in conversation", he explains.

The language analogy indeed runs deep. Orbotech has chosen ‘The Language of Electronics’ concept as its tagline to spearhead the company's rebranding effort, reflecting the highly proactive research and development as well as  various commercial growth strategies it is pursuing.

Orbotech's AOI systems have long been standout solutions in electronics reading, earning them a significant market presence in equipment deployed for the inspection of printed circuit boards (PCB) and flat panel displays (FPD). In recent years, its cutting-edge electronics writing offering, including DI (Direct Imaging) and AOR (Automated Optical Rework) systems, continued to develop and diversify in terms of scope and innovative product introductions.

The company's electronics connecting offering includes UV cutting-edge laser drilling systems and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) solutions. The recent acquisition of SPTS, an industry leader in Etch, Physical and Chemical Vapor Deposition for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and advanced packaging, is an important strategic move that further enriches Orbotech's extensive portfolio.

Levy comments: "The Language of Electronics encompasses much of Orbotech's current offering and gives us a lot of wingspan for diversification. If you look at today's automated electronic components manufacturing environment, it would seem that this total package of literacy – electronics reading, writing and connecting – can make a strong contribution towards the creation of the smart devices of tomorrow. The developing designer-driven agenda – for flexible and foldable devices, the connected car, the IoT and advanced wearable electronics – are all within reach. By saying that we are masters in this richly complex language, we are declaring that Orbotech is a significant enabler in many aspects of realizing designer dreams on the electronics manufacturing floor."

Well, virtually every electronic device, in the world is reportedly produced using Orbotech systems.

By MediaBUZZ