3CombineBitTitan, a pioneer in Managed Services Automation, just expanded its MSPComplete platform with the addition of business process automation, turnkey managed services, and intellectual property (IP) standardization and protection.
The company empowers IT service providers (ITSPs) and managed service providers (MSPs) to increase recurring revenue, reduce service delivery costs and operationalize employee knowledge.

When combined into a single platform, these features deliver business-critical insights into all facets of the IT infrastructure, propelling organizations toward greater productivity, scalability, compliance and consistency.

BitTitan’s MSPComplete platform enables IT service providers, including system integrators (SIs), MSPs and hosted providers, to discover, implement, oversee, and sell a vast collection of managed services through automation.

The platform addresses three critical areas for partners:

1. Revenue: Immediately generate recurring revenue through a vast library of turnkey project and managed services runbooks.
2. Intellectual Property: Easily standardize and secure intellectual property at a granular level, eliminating the loss of valuable best-practice knowledge resulting from employee turnover.
3. Profit: Instantly realize higher profitability by intelligently assigning the right task to the right resource based on skill-level and paygrade.

With a state-of-the-art user interface designed for easy navigation, MSPComplete provides unparalleled visibility and insight – all from one central dashboard. The platform allows partners to track service delivery times down to the second for accurate billing and cost management; assign projects and permissions; monitor task queues for SLA compliance; and receive notifications and high-priority alerts across all customers and projects.

The MSPComplete Service Library features more than 100 migration and turnkey managed services around Microsoft Office 365 Suite, Microsoft FastTrack, Azure, EMS, Dropbox Business, Amazon, Box and Google G Suite, with new services to be added and updated weekly. In addition, partners can create custom services and IP by adding tasks to an existing service or by building an entirely new service.

"MSPComplete is not just a technical solution – it's transformational," said Geeman Yip, CEO at BitTitan. "Our vision is to make technology invisible and enable organizations to focus on what they do best. That's what being a Modern MSP is all about. Standardizing processes is necessary, but overwhelming for many organizations. Our platform makes business process automation accessible and achievable for everyone. Simply put, MSPComplete helps make businesses more successful and people happier."

For more information, watch the MSPComplete launch video.

By MediaBUZZ