qualiticsQualtrics, a leader in experience management, announced a series of innovations that will continue to dramatically accelerate the customer experience (CX) industry with a fundamentally different approach: with Qualtrics Customer Experience™, now known as Qualtrics CustomerXM™, brands can build programs that are more personal and engage customers on their own terms, proactively surface insights and help activate an entire organization around CX.

"Successful CX programs of the future will be able to hear and understand every customer, at every meaningful moment of their journey, by bringing that experience data together with operational data and turning it into actionable insights suggesting the right next steps for managers or frontline employees to take," said Webb Stevens, Vice President of CustomerXM, Qualtrics. "But programs can't stop at insights. Successful organizations share insights across the entire organization, within the tools and processes they use every day, to close gaps and optimize their experience programs."

Successful CX Programs Are PERSONAL

CX programs that are personal enable engagement and listening across the customer journey, in the channels and methods they prefer. With Qualtrics xSTREAM, organizations can build a complete understanding of all their customers during the moments that matter most, with breakthrough methods to collect direct feedback, the ability to listen in on indirect feedback, and employee collaboration tools that increase customer-centricity.

New features include:

  • Online Reputation Management: with the new Online Reputation Management capability, organizations can proactively solicit reviews across touchpoints, identify customer insights from social listening across dozens of review sites, and act to communicate directly with customers on the review platforms where they have left feedback. Organizations can easily analyze feedback across locations and digital properties, with the ability to sort by topic and sentiment and to quickly compare performance with competitors.
  • Conversational API: The new Conversational API integrates feedback collection into any chat application, providing a seamless experience for customers to provide experience feedback. Through the power of natural language processing and responsive chat experiences, brands can quickly home in on their customer's exact issue without asking a lot of questions, closing experience gaps faster.
  • Frontline Feedback: Employees are at the frontline with customers across all stages of a customer journey. With Frontline Feedback, employees have a structured, always-on way to provide feedback and submit actionable ideas on how to improve the customer experience. With commenting and upvoting/downvoting, employees can collaborate with each other and increase the customer-centricity of their organization's culture.

Successful CX Programs Are PREDICTIVE

Leading CX programs proactively surface insights and generate powerful predictions about customer behavior, so organizations can act faster. The power of Qualtrics iQ, a set of intelligent, machine learning capabilities, is built directly into CustomerXM, and surfaces tailored insights, focused on root cause resolution.

New products and features include:

  • Focus Areas: Focus Areas are prescriptive insights that help organizations prioritize key drivers based on the impact each will have on business performance. Tailored to each role and department, Focus Areas tell you exactly which actions can move the needle most with customers.
  • Voice iQ: Voice analytics enable organizations to understand sentiment and gain insights from every call coming into your contact center. Organizations can gather insights from every customer service interaction using the power of the human voice in addition to other channels available in the Qualtrics Experience Management platform to understand customer experience. Topic, sentiment and tonality analysis alongside operational data and experience feedback provide CX leaders and stakeholders the insights they need to improve customer satisfaction and employee performance.
  • Benchmarks for CX: Organizations using CustomerXM™ now have access to industry benchmarks and custom market research from the world's leading providers, including Bain, Walker, and the XM Institute. CX leaders and stakeholders can more easily benchmark and uncover insights for their CX programs in real-time against other organizations using the world's most reputable industry benchmarks.

Successful CX Programs Are EMBEDDED

CX programs that drive business impact are embedded in an organization's existing culture, tools and process so every employee can be activated to deliver breakthrough customer experiences. CustomerXM creates a system of action with reimagined interfaces designed for every stakeholder, from the executive, to the front line. Through integrations with leading sales, HRIS, CRM, collaboration and service clouds, CustomerXM smartly activates insights in the tools and platforms employees use every day, so they can act immediately.

New products and features include:

  • Smart Routing: Smart Routing ensures the right actionable insights get to the right person in the organization, in the tool and platforms they use. Integrations with leading platforms such as SAP, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, JIRA, and more, ensure that every person the organization can make CX part of their daily routine and close experience gaps faster.
  • Reimagined Mobile Experience: Qualtrics has reimagined CX for mobile devices, focusing on getting from insight to action more quickly. New smart notifications immediately alert users to changes in their customer's experience, such as a decline in NPS in a particular region. CX leaders and stakeholders no longer must filter dashboards or dig to uncover important insights. Users can easily comment on key insights, tag others, and share, immediately activating the organization to act on customer experience. CustomerXM brings the insights to them.
  • B2B Command Center: B2B organizations now have CX tools designed specifically for their business, with CX insights and actions at the account level. Account leaders can more effectively drive value with their accounts with customer experience trends, persona-based insights, journey views, verbatim analysis and powerful predictions about future behaviour, such as churn and upsell.

CustomerXM is used by the world's most iconic brands to optimize the customer experience and make data-driven decisions that ultimately lead to more customers, reduced churn and increased loyalty. The best customer experience management programs track every meaningful interaction and analyze the data to close the gap between what customers expect and the experience being delivered.

To learn more visit: https://www.qualtrics.com/customer-experience/.