ABIResearchSpotlightsThe global technology intelligence firm ABI Research just announced the release of Research Spotlights, suites of research focused on key technologies and trends within the vast ABI Research Library.

"ABI Research covers thousands of different transformative technologies across all our research services. We created Spotlights to allow customers the ability to dive deep into a specific technology or topic," Ed Rerisi, Chief Operating Officer at ABI Research explains.

“With Spotlights, it is possible to delve into the reports, data, insights, and competitive rankings that are critical to the individual business field as each Research Spotlight includes:
•    All recently published research focused on a specific topic.
•    Access to any updates to the research published within six months of purchase.
•    Direct access to an expert on the given topic through 60 minutes of Analyst Inquiry.

Stuart Carlaw, ABI Research Chief Research Officer states, "At this time of market uncertainty, technology represents one of the few levers that can be pulled to ensure an organization's fortunes are secured. It can also be a massive risk. ABI Research Spotlights provide deep dives on some of the most significant technology trends affecting global markets. Spotlights are a tool for organizations to ensure their decision making is de-risked by being grounded on an informed evidence-based foundation."

Some of the topics covered within Research Spotlights include Hardware Security Modules, 5G-Advanced, Asset Tracking in IoT, Cellular Network Spectrum, Edge AI, Energy Purchasing Strategies, Fixed Wireless Access, Generative AI.

The complete – and growing – library of over 50 ABI Research Spotlights is available at www.abiresearch.com/spotlights.

By MediaBUZZ