SecurityHQCyberPredictionsIn response to the growing number of breaches, SecurityHQ released their latest white paper to highlight analyst predictions for threats and vulnerabilities in H2 2023.

According to SecurityHQ analysts, four key areas come up as key areas for businesses to be aware of going into H2 2023.

These are:

  • AI-Powered Social Engineering Attacks and Cloud-Based Breaches
  • Geo-Political Hacktivism
  • Enhanced Phishing Attacks and Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Supply Chain Attacks
  • Analysis of LockBit

“Humans are a point of failure, no matter what tooling is used. If one member of the team falls for a crafty phishing scam, that is all it takes. The outcome of real-time detection and improved speed of response means responding to and blocking attacks before they have the chance to develop further. Response to a threat in rapid time, before it has the time to implement further actions, can mean the difference between a breach or securing assets in time. Reduce the time it takes to respond to threats, the greater chance at responding to the threat correctly, meaning a reduction in the chance of further escalations” SecurityHQ experts are explaining.

Every company, every organization, every person across the globe, is now targeted and remains vulnerable to cybercrime. Threats are only becoming more sophisticated, and with more data than ever accessible online, your reputation, security, and anonymity is at risk.

SecurityHQ experts highlight that “in a worst-case scenario, is it clear what steps to take? Have tabletop exercises been completed? Is it clear who needs to be in the room at the right time? Are incident response playbooks up to date with the right contacts and who should be called in? Businesses need to know this to be ready to respond to these inevitable threats. Education plays a large part in being prepared and educated.”

By MediaBUZZ