adobeWith trends expanding from immersive experiences, graphic design, photography, illustration, and more, brands can stay ahead of the mainstream, plan their next campaign, or inspire their biggest project yet.

With a growing need for brands to deeply connect to larger cultural, economic, and social movements across industries, today, no trend exists in a vacuum — every trend is connected with a multitude of references and microcultures, all fostered online.

As identified by Adobe, here’s a look at the four top visual trends for 2020.

1. All Ages Welcome: Mature audiences are not only active but relevant social figures and inspirations – giving rise to the expansion of focus from youth-centric (18-35 years) to wider audiences. Industries have begun to realize the importance of representing mature crowds as relevant figures, full of unique, vibrant, high-energy people.

2. Express Yourself: Consumers are eager to see themselves represented authentically – their raw, honest life experiences online and in public — and demanding the same from brands, politicians, and other public figures.

3. Makeup is Not a Mask: Contemporary grooming focuses on celebrating a person’s unique looks and style – one way people are celebrating the genuine is through expressive reimaginings of what “beauty” can be. The use of makeup as a tool for self-exploration and creative experimentation is one facet of that.

4. From Me to We: The personal is now highly purposeful, and consumers of all ages are exercising their growing influence. As such, brands are increasingly finding that images presenting a strong sense of community and meaningful lifestyle choices resonate best, creating a quick connection between companies and conscious customers.

In 2020, Adobe will also be releasing their inaugural Design Trends and Motion Trends with insights distilled from millions of data points. Here’s a quick preview of what’s to come:

  • Handmade Humanism: Artists are craving a natural touch and creating an emotionally approachable style that is notable through its simplicity and handcrafted tone. The digital world will see an increase in DIY-influenced elements for the personal touch.
  • Semi-Surreal: 2020 will show us many artists using new tools and techniques to create the impossible and alter our vision, inspiring creativity with fantastical imagery.
  • Environmental Documentary: The discussion of climate, based on science and real policy ideas, will be a prominent part of many industries’ narratives in 2020. More brands and programs will be using a documentary film style to portray the challenges and possible future the world faces due to climate change.

The demand for imagery that represents all the diverse facets of humanity and the realities of modern life has grown significantly. Meanwhile, mainstream conversations about the meaning of diversity and inclusion have also gained a new level of sophistication.

To read Adobe’s extensive creative predictions for 2020, please refer to the blogpost here.

By MediaBUZZ