MergerNielsenIQGfKEarlier this month, NielsenIQ and GfK, two global data and analytics services providers, announced their proposed merger to explore new opportunities in retail and consumer analytics.

Using the latest cloud technologies, NielsenIQ and GfK can bring together their data and analytical tools to give customers an even more comprehensive view of consumer spending throughout the shopping journey. This allows them to spot trends early and respond more quickly to consumer needs and expectations. The details of the agreement for the merger were not disclosed.

The combination of NielsenIQ's cloud-based Connect platform and omnichannel measurement technologies with GfK's recently launched gfknewron platform creates a leader in consumer analytics.

NielsenIQ's solutions provide a holistic, detailed and consistent view of consumer buying behavior across all channels and categories. They enable real-time decisions that contribute to better performance and increased growth.

The two companies bring together a breadth of expertise and knowledge with a proven track record. GfK is a leading provider of technology and consumer goods data and analytics in 67 countries. NielsenIQ has a leading position in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in 90 countries. The merger of the two companies enables the expansion of business both within existing customer segments and in new markets.

The global merging of technologies and competencies enables the combined company to bring innovative products to market even faster and to expand the offerings to additional regions and industries. Both companies firmly believe in the strategic benefits of this move and intend to further expand the business both geographically and vertically.

Over the past year, NielsenIQ has invested in market coverage, advanced technologies and predictive analytics tools. Together with GfK, they have the opportunity to help shape the future of global consumer and retail analytics – a future that is fast, agile and connected. By joining forces with NielsenIQ, GfK will enable its clients to make better decisions on a global scale. The combination of their strengths creates a leading provider of retail and consumer data with expanded omnichannel measurement capabilities.

The transaction is expected to close later this year or early next year, subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions. Until the transaction is completed, NielsenIQ and GfK will remain independent companies focused on their current strategies and growth plans.

With the transaction, Advent that acquired NielsenIQ in 2021, will become the majority shareholder of the combined company.

By MediaBUZZ