3TableauTableau shared an interesting case study on one of their client that’s worth to spread. Edge Digital, a Singaporean digital marketing consultancy start-up that has successfully adopted data analytics into their everyday decision-making, showcases exemplary the efficiency of data analytics in a cost-efficient way.

True to its name, Edge Digital strives to give clients a digital ‘edge’ with their offerings, leveraging data to stay efficient. The team initially looked just for an analytics tool that could help them make sense of large volumes of data from multiple sources to solve ad fraud issues. This quickly evolved, however, into a desire to bring data into decision-making on a daily basis.

Edge Digital deconstructs marketing challenges in minutes with Tableau

The start-up digital marketing consultancy is mainly focused on the gaming, technology, and mobile industry, supporting its clients in solving and avoiding ad fraud issues that creep into the still relatively new digital-advertising space.

With a lean team in a competitive industry, they had to look for a reliable data analysis tool that sped up problem-solving and found it in Tableau. By leveraging Tableau, the company reliably gets quick and accurate insights from their data that help to solve any problem faster than ever.

In fact, according to the Founder of Edge Digital, Lai Tuck Weng, “speed to insight has been one of the biggest benefits of using Tableau.” “A client request that used to take up more than half a day can now be answered within five minutes”, he said.

Tableau’s speed to insight and data visualizations is giving the business a truly competitive edge. Not all competitors within the ever-changing digital marketing industry are aware how much of a difference it would make to their business, Lai Tuck Weng points out. To no surprise, he is already considering to use Tableau for faster, better decision making as well in media neutral programmatic buying.

Solving business problems with data

Edge Digital collects up to five gigabytes of data every two weeks in the form of CSV files. The business receives this data from multiple sources, such as Google applications, iOS applications, and 50 advertisement publishers.

Obviously, the big challenge lies in the need to validate the data and effectively blend it for insightful analysis. To respond to clients’ needs, it is crucial to quickly understand the data and relay useful information in a timely manner.

However, as a start-up with a very lean team, Edge Digital has to constantly consider resource-allocation time, manpower, and costs to ensure they are staying efficient and productive. The team does not have the luxury of spending weeks looking for a solution to help their clients solve one problem.

Tableau clearly provides what Edge Digital needs and wants, which is a more effective way to present their findings to clients.

By MediaBUZZ