s4mFollowing months of R&D and MRC accreditation, the mobile-first advertising technology company S4M (Success for Mobile), unveiled a next generation anti-fraud mobile ad technology with real-time visualization of mobile campaign KPIs and a simplified user interface.

The new FUSIO by S4M platform provides clients with a guaranteed anti-fraud ad serving technology to identify non-human traffic and account for trusted KPIs from ad impressions to post-click actions within mobile sites and applications. The company’s mobile-native technology platform aims to provide programmatic expertise and campaign management with full transparency from ad impressions to conversions in both mobile browsers and applications.

Since mobile programmatic advertising is maturing at an accelerated pace and mobile ad fraud is growing, more and more investments are now at stake. Therefore, it is critical for all stakeholders in this ecosystem to address fraud concerns, S4M emphasizes.  The FUSIO interface aims to simplify complex mobile campaign data, providing marketers with transparent visibility on KPIs to reduce wasted investments due to fraudulent traffic. With this data, demand-side decision makers will be better equipped to make strategic and effective media buying decisions.

S4M’s significant development follows the company’s recent MRC accreditation, becoming the only platform currently certified on application installs, opens, and visits on mobile sites.

“Mobile is a recurring and decisive channel along the path to purchase. Marketers need a mobile-specific platform to ensure they execute the most impactful campaigns and maximize their marketing spend in this omnipresent media landscape,” said Christophe Collet, S4M CEO. “The real challenge for brands is overcoming fraud concerns, so advertisers can then prioritize supply partners that generate higher percentages of certified traffic and actively combat suspicious traffic”.

The most significant improvement to the platform is the new user interface, including campaign duplication features and drag and drop interactions. Now ad ops teams can set up complex campaigns in a few clicks with ease. Furthermore, with the highly customizable widgets in each dashboard, campaign analytics are taken to a new level with powerful reporting and alerts for better campaign optimization to remove suspicious traffic and drive efficient performance. The FUSIO platform is fully built on Rest APIs, so all campaign data can be automatically generated from the platform, making it easier for an advertiser to deeply connect FUSIO into an existing technology stack. This means that advertisers can connect to any structure such as a CRM database, financial system or data warehouse, to get the best of FUSIO outside the platform.

“The new platform is revolutionary for marketers. They can track and analyze their customer engagements effortlessly from mobile touchpoints and access the critical data for strategic optimizations all in real-time,” said Pierre Wurmser, Chief Product Officer at S4M. “The advantage of a mobile-native platform empowers brands to deploy dedicated strategies and KPIs to evaluate impact and drive performance.”

By MediaBUZZ