COVID19SocialMediaMost people’s lives have drastically changed due to COVID-19: everyone is talking about the coronavirus and how the next few weeks will develop, and many are rightly concerned, miss friends and family. Hence, their use of smartphones, time spent on the laptop, and consequently the time spent on social media platforms, continue to increase rapidly. Even more important is that social media helps to increase people's well-being in times of COVID-19.

Precisely for this reason, certain content should not trigger additional negative feelings in people. Instead, take your customers by the hand and consider the following tips:

Make sure you continue to communicate with the community, because a constant will certainly do very well in these trying times. If you are unsure about relevant topics and content, you can also ask your followers what they would like to see. Conversely, you will receive important feedback and give users the feeling that they are being taken seriously and that their opinion is valued. The mood of the user can also be captured by asking explicit questions and using the questioning tools and features of the platforms.

Score points with flexibility. If you feel that your community is currently in a bad mood, you can act immediately with the right content. Even if it might take a lot of courage to adjust your brand strategy, it is essential to reconsider it in times like these. Think about what the customer needs and keep in mind that many topics gain new relevance in the crisis. It is important to recognize this and to integrate it into the communication, thereby creating a balance between normality and crisis communication. For instance, plan how you will bring joy into people's lives: start with a competition that creates a positive brand experience or call on followers to hashtag your initiatives, providing new sources of inspiration, vouchers, or free deliveries.

Address people's worries and fears since nothing is worse than ignorance. Users should feel understood and connected, since the restrictions due to the virus are for each individual already extreme enough. Since this is a people-related crisis, the focus should be on helping and putting the brand's reputation secondary.

Authenticity and transparency should be the keywords since it is crucial to remain true to yourself in a certain way and not to change the brand recognition value. Besides that, create clarity around the topics of customer service, deliveries, or the production process, as the crisis affects everyone. Become aware of your responsibility as a company to society, and especially now contribute to the well-being of everyone.

Do not lose sight of the goal and rethink it if necessary, despite all the difficulties and hurdles: if a sales campaign for swim wear was planned, a campaign with advertisements for warm and comfy clothes is now probably more appropriate.

The current situation shows which new platforms not only promise potential but are used more than ever.

For example, the TikTok user numbers have risen rapidly in the last few weeks and in general in Q1. Users have time to test and brands can also benefit from new social media channels. An expansion of the communication channels certainly makes sense.

Spotify also has significant potential. Many people listen to music on Spotify during their forced stay-at-home; hence, a brand presence on Spotify can be worthwhile.

Furthermore, the time spent on the cell phone increases enormously, education apps and gaming are booming.

It is not only important that advertising continues to be displayed, but the most suitable platforms must also be used. In other words, as a brand, you always must be where your user is. Yes, the corona crisis hits many companies and brands, but with the right instinct, a new communication strategy appropriate to the situation and empathy, you can maintain the relationship with your users and even strengthen it. Identify the needs of customers and address them specifically and offer specific solutions that will help keep a cool head in the current situation. It is also essential not to lose sight of the issues that will become important again as soon as an end or a flattening of the corona crisis is in sight. Because here too, they say—well planned is half the battle.

By MediaBUZZ