CogninyAICognigy.AI, a leading global customer service automation provider, has secured investment from Global Brain, one of the largest venture capital companies in Japan, that accelerates its international growth path and consolidates its position as a leading provider of an AI-based platform for the automation of customer service.

With Cognigy.AI, companies can use intelligent voice and text agents at the enterprise level—in any channel and in any language—and save costs and increase service quality that way.

“Cognigy impressed us with its vision and outstanding technology. The low-code conversational AI platform enables companies across industries to automate customer service. Cognigy takes the customer experience to a new level. We look forward to supporting Cognigy as it continues to expand in Asian markets”, said Rina Obi, Principal at Global Brain.

Improving the customer experience in customer service with AI

Cognigy supports contact centers around the world with intelligent solutions to meet the ever-increasing customer expectations in all channels, at lower costs. With the seamlessly integrated AI-platform in backend systems, customer service can be designed more efficiently and easily scaled to more channels, languages, and markets.

“Conversational AI is a powerful accelerator for the digital transformation of customer service worldwide in every industry. With the investment from Global Brain, we will further accelerate our international growth and expand our leading position in the field of customer service automation”, explains Philipp Heltewig, CEO and co-founder of Cognigy.

Smarter automation of customer service

With the software platform Cognigy.AI, companies can automate customer and employee communication in natural language, simplify processes, and support employees in the contact center.

Cognigy.AI is optimized for enterprise customers with high demands on scalability, data protection and integration capability. The components include AI-based Natural Language Understanding as well as a low-code UI with which even non-technicians can model complex processes.

The sophisticated and at the same time easily accessible Conversational AI platform, available worldwide as a cloud solution and on-premises, enables companies to automate in an elegant way even highly complex tasks and transactions in customer service to a far greater extent than conventional bot surface solutions.

Cognigy.AI seems to be the most advanced conversational AI platform on the market. It ensures intelligent user communication and reproducible interaction, so that companies not only strengthen the loyalty of their customers, but also increase their ROI.

By Daniela La Marca