MagentoB2BPicThe digital revolution has brought about massive changes in marketing. Where previously business was conducted face-to-face and by phone, nowadays customers are spoilt for choice with omnichannel approaches being commonplace. As such, customers start demanding more: more information, better service, better pricing, and unforgettable customer experiences. Companies that are unable to modernize their offerings are doomed to fail. Harsh as it may sound, sink or swim is the recurring theme in this digital revolution.

According to a survey conducted by Magento, over a third of B2B specialists agree on the indirect impact that digital channels have on overall sales. With almost a quarter of them having already incorporated B2B eCommerce into their omnichannel strategy, and over three quarters of being committed to investing in delivering a B2B eCommerce experience.

To create memorable experiences for customers, first you must listen to them. Find out what they need, and what an excellent online experience looks like and means to them. To start, try finding activities that you can move online to streamline your customer interactions, and transform the transactional aspects of customer sales interaction into collaborative efforts. Build rapport with your customers and help solve problems they face.

Building an eCommerce Platform

The trick to achieving maximum results for your eCommerce platform is to integrate your eCommerce tech with other business systems to improve operational efficiencies and support the flow of data. The tech alone is never enough; you need to align your business practices and processes with the new tech.


The state of B2B survey states that security and compliance is the most important role for eCommerce platforms at over half, followed by order management and business intelligence at 43% and 41% respectively. Then multiple currencies payments, content management system, and lastly product information system to round off the top 6. Thus, consider these functions when designing a B2B eCommerce platform and integrate them with your business.

Placing customers at the heart of B2B eCommerce

Delivering what customers want will create a flow-on effect throughout your company. Your customers will enjoy the intuitive online functionalities of your eCommerce solution, while your employees will be able to not only serve them better, but to also perform their jobs at a higher level. Not to mention, your eCommerce solution will be measurable, flexible, and scalable, preparing you for the future as new technologies evolve and new channels emerge. (Source: Magento)

By Muhammad Shaqeez