EmailMarketingPeople and businesses have shifted online in the new normal, increasing the need for email marketing accordingly. It has been reported that more than 55% of marketers received their best ROI from email campaigns. As the year is coming to a close, now is the perfect time to set goals for the email marketing campaigns for the next year.

So, here is a list of 6 most expected email marketing trends for 2021.


1. Personal approach to subscribers

It is proven that increased email personalization improves email interaction among the subscribers. Businesses may create email marketing campaigns aimed personally at individuals. This can be done by writing personalized subject lines, making the email content more dynamic and oriented towards the subscribers. Moreover, subscribers may be divided into segments based on their purchase history, hobbies, location, and consequently individual product recommendations may be made. Businesses willing to go more personal will be heading in the right direction the next year as a personal and subscriber-oriented approach might make email opening rates shoot up.

2. The benefits of feedback

To make sure that companies are fully aware of their subscriber wants and needs the following year as much as this year, businesses may ask for feedback regarding products, services offered and needed. For example, companies may send out surveys to their subscribers and readjust their businesses based on the feedback received. The surveys may be customized, designed to match the brand style, while the results may be sent directly in the newsletter report.

3. Time-saving solutions

MailerLite reports that the use of email marketing automations has increased by 60%. Email automations are used for programming emails to be sent based on several types of triggers: behavioral, time-sensitive, others. They help to avoid manual labor as the same email can be sent automatically once a trigger is set off. Given that the COVID-19 outbreak has already dictated an increased demand for several areas of services and products (like entertainment, food, etc.), fast email marketing solutions such as automations are saving valuable time and are likely to be much needed the next year as well.

4. The ‘Year of Newsletters’

Recently, many major news publishers have noticed the increased popularity of paid newsletters. Therefore, many journalists and portals are beginning to use this email marketing strategy to attract more paying subscribers by including original, relevant, and helpful content. For example, MailerLite has launched integration with Stripe that enables their customers to create paid newsletters; thus, conditioning a win-win situation: email marketing users receive profit for their newsletters while subscribers get valuable content. This trend is bound to be carried over to the next year.

5. More options to non-technical users

The fast-growing digitalization of workplaces is also demanding more user-friendly tools, such as low-code or no-code. For email marketers it is a way to achieve better results with lower input as they reduce the dependence on IT resources, consequently incurring lower costs, and allows the team to create and implement digital solutions to email marketing more efficiently without the need to contact third parties.

6. Authentic content is what matters

Brand authenticity helps sell more as 76 % of subscribers believe newsletters full of advertisements are more annoying than actually relevant. Original content not only makes the subscribers more willing to read the email, but to check out what the brand has to offer. Authentic content in emails may be achieved by sharing the brand’s story, values, showing the work in progress behind the emails sent, involving the influencers, and more. To stand out in the overload of emails in one’s inbox in 2021, businesses are encouraged to create their email marketing campaigns around the original content to connect with their subscribers on a more personal level.

As the popularity of e-commerce is likely to keep on increasing in 2021, these 6 email marketing trends may be great guidelines for businesses eager to make their email marketing campaigns evolve to the next level.

By MailerLite

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