Digital Cream SingaporeLast week 100+ digital marketers from around the region met at the inaugural Digital Cream Singapore event for a day of intense knowledge sharing and networking. This uniquely moderated roundtable format, already running in London, New York, Chicago, and Dubai, was the first of its kind in Asia.

While the digital marketing industry is, by now, some thirty years old, we are all still struggling with a constantly changing business environment, newly evolving technologies and upcoming trends that constantly push us to seek fast understanding and even faster adaptation as well as implementation. Even digital experts have concerns and questions from time to time that they would like to discuss before making decisions and Digital Cream provided a uniquely, terrific opportunity to discuss face-to-face with their peers current challenges they face.

Digital Cream Singapore, organized by MediaBUZZ, is part of Econsultancy’s international series of events to help brands, e-tailers and publishers improve their online businesses. The event's unique format was a proven 'hands-on' roundtable forum for the most senior client-side digital marketers in Asia to discuss and explore latest best practices, business cases, e-marketing procurement, investment, ROI and supplier selection.

Many of our delegates described it as “a refreshingly useful” event, or shared that it was “a great choice of delegates, a wonderful location and an exciting programme (I particularly enjoyed the discussions!).” or that it was an “awesome day with good friends and good food” excitingly sharing their experiences. Each delegate got the chance to sit in three out of the ten roundtable discussions that day, and to discuss with their fellow marketers all things digital, such as:

  1. E-commerce and Site Conversion
  2. Online Strategy: Advertising and Maximizing Returns
  3. Online PR: Buzz Monitoring and Reputation Management
  4. Email & Cross Channel Marketing
  5. Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
  6. Social Media – Managing, Marketing, Measuring, Monetizing
  7. Data Analytics & Optimization
  8. Customer Experience Management
  9. Mobile: Commerce, Marketing and Apps
  10. Social Media: Optimization & Analysis

To no surprise we had so much interest in the social media topic that we had to create two discussion groups to meet delegate demand, and this was in addition to a lot of excitement for the online strategy and mobile marketing tables!

As expected, the majority of delegates shared that they were still struggling to break out of the silos and the often fixed boundaries they have to deal with. All did however express one common goal - the creation of an exquisite web experience for their users, which encouraged them to share what they know, want, and have with their peers and pave the way for the next step in digital marketing.

There is still a lot to do and no break in sight due to the nature of the business, but rest assured that you are not alone digital marketer - all for one, one for all! Keep on sharing your know-how, find like-minded people and expand your networks to continue moving things forward digital wise.

Thank you again and do look out for more things digital in 2012 with MediaBUZZ!

By Daniela La Marca