Knowing that a sound online marketing strategy is vital for success, Asian e-Marketing is revamping its online presence with a strong partner to provide you with a unique service early next year, to support you in your marketing efforts.

The German technology company DCI AG and MediaBUZZ will present an individual advertising format whose effectiveness is guaranteed and measurable. Our new platform will outperform all previous forms of online advertising in terms of simplicity and degree of efficiency.

Since our industry marries both the creative and technical aspects of the internet, including design, technology, development, advertising, analytics and sales, we decided to keep up with the times and revamp our Website with the best technology to serve you better.

Asian e-Marketing will offer you an intelligent extension for your marketing activities, especially in times of growing banner blindness. Try an innovative new approach to reach your target groups efficiently and in real time, as people prefer reading newsletters and product/service offers on a portal rather than in their email inbox.

With our intention to support online marketers in their efforts to increase their acceptance and awareness level more cost-effectively, it also provides a basis for local and temporal autonomy of virtual sales and partner approaches, and exerts a positive influence on the global spam problem.

Our new online platform will allow real time advertising in relevant, topic specific contexts of Asian e-Marketing. It’s our innovative answer to real time marketing trends by reaching targeted groups with tailored and relevant information.

Advertisers will benefit from targeted, topic specific communication channels they can leverage to easily publish email newsletters, Twitter/Facebook feeds, PDFs, URLs for landing pages or videos. All of their already existing content is posted automatically, so there will be no need to invest extra time and money to produce expensive means of advertising.

All our readers will be able to quickly see the whole advertising message in pre-view windows, saving them time. Our solution opens up a new communication channel for marketing people and establishes a transparent accounting system for agencies: ActiveViews® is the buzzword and only those who “view” the advertising are counted for payment. In fact, ActiveViews® effectively closes the gap in online marketing between the two measurements “pay per delivery” (CPM) and “pay per reaction” (CPC) that is especially powerful for decision makers under time pressure to be counted when they trigger ActiveViews® but do not click.

Thanks to the DCI-innovation there is now a new performance indicator which helps us to understand users’ engagement much more in depth than with the post-view analyses that have been used so far. Actually we believe that it is the only way to come up with meaningful evaluation results for decision makers and their campaigns, as it easily assesses the efficiency of low-click campaigns.

If you are interested in our new Asian e-Marketing platform that we will launch in 2012, please get in touch with us and reserve your chance to get a free trial for three-months. Send us an email ( or call +65 6836 1807

By MediaBUZZ