ComScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, released in April its ranking of the top video properties in Singapore based on data from its comScore Video Metrix service.

The report found that 87 percent of Singapore’s Internet population viewed video online, with an average viewer consuming 10.5 hours of video during the month.

“Online video is an integral part of consumers’ digital lives, with more people in Singapore viewing online video each month than visiting social networking sites,” said Joe Nguyen, comScore vice president for Southeast Asia. “It’s important for brands to recognize the substantial reach and highly engaging quality of the online video platform as a way to target and interact with consumers in an increasingly fragmented Internet environment.”

Users Age 15-24 Display Strongest Online Video Engagement

The average Internet user in Singapore spent 10.5 hours viewing video in April, consuming 130 videos for a period of 4.9 minutes per video on average. The demographic composition of online video viewers revealed that users aged 15-24 were the most engaged demographic segment, averaging 192 videos per viewer during the month and consuming more than 15 hours of video content. People aged 55 and older also showed heavy engagement with online video, averaging 12 hours of consumption and 155 videos per viewer in April. Although users aged 25-44 represented the highest percentage of unique video viewers, they spent less time viewing video and watched fewer videos per viewer than the younger and older age segments.


Google, and Tudou Capture Largest Share of Videos Viewed

In April, Internet users in Singapore watched nearly 320 million videos, with Google Sites ranking as the top video property with 204 million videos, representing 63.8 percent of all videos viewed online. accounted for more than 99 percent of all videos viewed at the Google property. ranked second with 10.2 million videos viewed (3.2 percent market share), followed closely by Tudou Sites with 4.5 million videos (1.4 percent market share).

Average Viewer Watched 130 Videos in April

In Singapore, 2.5 million unique viewers watched an average of 130 videos per viewer during the month. Google Sites attracted the largest video audience with 2.1 million viewers during the month (99 videos per viewer), followed by with more than 1 million viewers (9.7 videos per viewer) and Microsoft Sites with 403,000 viewers (6.7 videos per viewer).


By comScore, Inc.

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